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      A Sunday look at process and product.

may 24

      More hurry up and wait, more relatively moody, roller-coaster weather. Still, it's high Spring, the zany horse chestnut trees are flowering, the azaleas have given way to rhododendrons, peonies will be blooming this week. Continue to be sort of creeped out by people wearing masks in the neighborhood, turns out this is something they did to slaves to show they had no voice, a lot of symbology going on there, see an image search for more. Wake up, wake up, but the snoring is so loud they'll never hear. A pretty fetid Venus-Neptune transit this week, all week long, not the most blissful energy but awareness of it helped, more on that below. Week of the new moon as well, this one was sort of quiet on the surface but went pretty far in terms of tweaking the system for the work, that was fun, would like to see more of this over the summer. Started harvesting the Kamut wheatgrass, this is simple to do, should get three cuttings, want to explore more nutritional powerhouses that can be grown on the kitchen table.


      New moon this week on the 22nd, also had the personal new moon a few days before. Am still a little puzzled by this type of chart, above, but sometimes something seems clear. For example, there's retrograde Saturn conjunct Pallas in this chart in the fifth house in early Aquarius. The fifth house has to do with creativity, Saturn is about structure but retrograde means examining or redoing the structure, Pallas is the same symbolism as Athena, so this somewhat masculine version of the feminine is what is guiding the restructuring. And that seems pretty accurate as a way to describe what began in the work this week. Thought I was restructuring the work already, but it went to another level. Got to the enough already point. The no more Mr. Nice guy point. The quantum leap. Which always seems so obvious once it finally happens. But, you have to get frustrated enough to jump first. The collective new moon featured Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini, this is square Neptune in Pisces pretty exactly. Neptune in Pisces is the collective unconscious, its hopes and fears, a relatively treacherous place, Mercury and Venus in Gemini together are about charming and facile communication. The square aspect means tension, different agendas. In this case the charming offer may be a Trojan Horse, feeding either hope or fear in a way that is misleading or duplicitous. Certainly no dearth of that going on collectively this week on several fronts, as a simple example, the MSM has no choice but to lie about HCQ because it is cheap, works, ends the pandemic and the fear-based plan that hinges on it. Am very glad this aspect is now waning as it felt like toxic oobleck lurking in the shadows, golly I wonder why. But this situation will continue to influence the development of the coming moon. The see-saw battle between bringing things to light, and keeping them hidden, is proliferating. Social media organizations have taken it on themselves to remove 'misinformation.' Look for WHO to come out against the use of HCQ soon, this will be jumped on by the usual Hollywood players, stern media actors, etc. What does 'vile conspiracy theory' actually mean? 'Oops, they know we're lying.' This jockeying for public opinion via backhanded censorship and various sparkly, gift-wrapped lies will go on as long as Mars is also in Pisces. But when Mars goes into Aries in July, the battle and what it's really about will get more official, and possibly more militant, moving into the Fall. It's hard to be patient, have been waiting for this shift all my adult life and there's no doubt that we're headed towards game over for the dark side, permanently. Until then it's about balance between remaining aware, and staying as positive as possible.


      Funny how, in a nationwide lockdown, there's still an awful lot going on. I keep coming back to the way infinity and unity are inseparable. That the basic paradox of an infinite universe is that it has to be one being, because otherwise, eventually, there would be a number. A gigantic number, but still, a finite number. So, unity means that the universe is a fractal, right down to the particles themselves. And that humanity itself is one being, operating as a fractal. This means that humanity is also one thought, and that what we experience in the physical is a direct result of our thoughts. This means that the only difference between what is "real," and what is "imaginary," is that the real has manifested, but that the imaginary has not manifested yet. And you may have noticed that, personally, it's getting easier and easier to manifest things. Maybe not arbitrary things, or materialist things, but meaningful things, yes, definitely. Collectively, as more people become focused on wanting the imaginary to manifest, the more likely it is to become real. The limits to this are simply what people consider reasonable to hope for. And there are no actual limits in an infinite universe. So, if you want to control a species with infinite creative potential, the first thing you do is limit what they are willing to imagine. You create a program: marginalize living magic, and replace it with with deadly fear. Not enough food, not enough money, not enough toilet paper, all the different forms of fear. Conversely, if you want to free a species so that it can fulfill its infinite creative potential, you demonstrate that there are no limits on hope, no limits to what the collective imagination can achieve in terms of creating a new reality through what it believes. This is one way to frame the great battle for the soul of humanity that is now entering its final stages.


      Had to make some lead white this week, ran out and that turned out to not be okay. I've been mixing my white with the Blockx white, the Blockx is a little whiter but is modern pigment from China and needs more opacity and body. Made this one with all preheated walnut oil and an older American pigment, the oil absorbed a great deal of pigment and made long string, dense or fine. Wanted to overstate density as much as possible and still be able to tube it: that is one heavy tube! This paint got mixed with the medium and the Blockx white, the mix was more fudgey, not as ropey, and worked well. I wear a mask to do this, one of those gray ones from 3M with the 7093 particulate filters.


      This week's medium, I made a new version of the fused damar and beeswax putty with a thicker oil mix that dried faster, and added more marble dust so it would be physically denser. Also used starch gel instead of methyl cellulose to seize it.


      Starch gel always adds density but also glide, the mashed potato effect. This medium is very grippy and elastic but the starch gel did give it more movement. As usual with a new moon, got into a few too many new things, but they were all familiar, just hadn't been playing together in a while. It felt like the medium needed a larger increment, had to go somewhere new. The painting made with this medium is at the end.


      Another new thing this week was putting a thin layer of oil as a semi-final coat on a couple of the paintings from last summer. The system for making these paintings was pretty organized, but some areas ended up with more paint on them than others, and the thinner areas had a tendency to dry matte. So, wanted to see them with an even saturation overall. Did these with the autoxidized hemp oil from last week, with a little heat-polymerized walnut oil added. The one on the left was done with it full strength, rubbed on as thinly as possible with fingertips like the old olifa technique for icons. This was still on the thick side but I thought the nutty energy of the painting could handle it and it did. Cut the oil with quality odorless mineral spirits for the one on the right, this dried faster and would be more general purpose. The thicker one is a little sticky or soft still, we'll see how it ages. Still want to put a coat of varnish on these, but will wait and see how this coating fares over the summer first.


      Made this in the week of 1-19, liked the simple asymmetry of it but never felt it was done. Still not sure it's done but had one of those layers with it yesterday where I knew what to do, this is rare but always lots of fun. Some things happened here that will be interesting to work with again. It's taken a while to figure out how to go further with these after layer one. Did I say it still isn't done? Oh, yes, good, okay. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      This one used the medium above and the new white lead paint. Also decided to return to strong and flatter colour first in the larger background fields. This part has been a little tricky lately. Would like to sort of animate everything, this is how life is, but if everything is animated there's no contrast: no differentiation between broad and detailed. But if the colour gets too flat this bugs me too. So, there's been sort of a battle going on here. Too. The most recent ones have had translucent layers in the fields, but this has seemed to be more distracting than anything, want to go over them all and simplify them. This is also what a denser white is about, being able to take a field that is too jumpy and smooth it out. So, this one moved away from subtle field layering built up in increments to a strong first layer of colour that was then attenuated. As is often the case when the pendulum swings the other way, it goes a little too far. But that movement establishes the next goal. In this case, we have fields that were too animated before, and fields that aren't quite animated enough in this one. So I'll be working on developing a midpoint there in the next one. This probably sounds critical, but I like this one overall. The colours, the shapes, the way the space moves, the assortment of glitches, are all fine in terms of moving this project forward a notch. But there's always more to learn, and that makes the mistakes or errors the most interesting part of the process. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Action shot of Lily having fun. Playing with her favorite toy here, a piece of wire with rolled up cardboard pieces on the end. If you invert the curve of the wire it dances around like a psycho junebug. I give it a long, slow approach, like a real bug. Then she jumps up and nabs it like a wide receiver, or boxes with it using both paws, or swats it and sends it flying. Fun. I also love how Lily answers questions. I was sitting on the front porch steps one afternoon. She had been out for a while, and was wandering around nearby. When she got to the steps, I said, You're looking at the front door a lot, do you want to do inside? She bumped my knee three times, hard, with her forehead. And so, we went inside. If I show her two different cans of food and ask her which one she wants, she answers the same way, bonking one of them with her forehead. But different circumstances create different responses. She's started going out early in the morning again. She hops up on the night table and looks at me with her giant eyes in the half light. This morning it was colder again, and I asked, half asleep, Do you want to go out? She blinked, which was nice, because it wasn't the smartest question. She's been fed, so of course she wants to go out! I noticed over the winter that, though she likes to be in the bedroom now if I'm there, she also likes to be in a part of it that is somewhat private. So, I put up a half curtain on her shelf unit with a scrap of linen, and folded up a clean towel behind it to give her a really private place. She started sleeping there right away. I felt so complimented! So, yes, lots of different ways to have fun. I like talking to her, but maybe words are less necessary to genuine communication than I think.

may 17

      Third week of the moon, a warmer week overall with one amazingly gorgeous day, warm and sunny with a breeze, wow. Azaleas are beginning to wane, the peonies in the neighborhood are covered with those chunky dark red buds. Got some work done, feels like progress not so much with product as process, which is okay for a waning moon. Looking back at the work from last year, I was more consistently enthused, but that didn't necessarily make the work better, it just made more work. So now I'm focusing on what actually generates something that I like. That seems to be about not having a thought, a plan, a goal, but just showing up, catching the train of the day, and seeing where it goes. Which seems so simple, but like most simple things, an incredible amount of complexity had to be abandoned to see it clearly enough to have a chance at becoming it.



      Once upon a time, there was a people that invented something called Tell Lie Vision, but then expected it to tell them the truth. You might say they re-lied on it. You can imagine how much confusion this caused, which was compounded by something called Project Mockingbird, which created newscasters trained to 'shape' the truth selectively. A very special art form, perfect for Tell-Lie-Vision! Meanwhile, the planet hurtled further and further into the photon belt, absorbing unprecedented amounts of very high frequency radiation that made the lies more and more transparent. They didn't take in the same way, almost as soon as they were told, they began to be exposed. A small but dedicated minority thought this was wonderful. But in general the people were confused by this. They wanted their old Tell Lie Vision back, because it was what they were used to. It was so simple, so comforting, to be spoon fed a pre-digested version of everything, They had forgotten that there was anywhere else -- somewhere much, much more local, perhaps -- to get the news. The news, like the cereal, came from a box! The fact that the endless comforting stream of daily lies were evaporating was disconcerting. It left them wondering where to turn. Where, oh where to turn? (Hint: possibly somewhere much, much more local.) Meanwhile, the plucky planet hurtled further and further into the photon belt, absorbing unprecedented amounts of very high frequency radiation. The people were trying to remain distracted by the latest lie, called a pandemic, which had made them oh-so-afraid, but something about this story didn't quite hold up. Did they have to figure out a new story, all on their own? It was so confusing! Little did the people realize, holding on tight to their masks and disinfectant gel as their plucky planet as it hurtled further and further into the photon belt, that they were about to experience an amazing awakening. They were going to learn all the truths that had been withheld from them for decades by Tell-Lie-Vision. People get ready!


      Decided to sprout a larger amount of the Khorasan wheat, this is much nicer than the commercial wheatgrass, bigger shoots and far tastier. A life theme? Used some soil for this one but soaked too many berries for the tray and then tried to squeeze too many in, making for a lower percentage of sprouts. Learning another process, it's surprising how little actual wheat is needed.


      I tried hemp oil long ago but it was during a time when too much was going on, and never finished refining it. Then my painter friends David Heskin and Aloria Weaver reported really good things about it, and they tend to be right, so I went back and refined some of the Nutiva hemp oil a few years ago. Let some of it autoxidize and took a look at the skin today. Pretty thick, and pretty light for that degree of thickness. Impressive: autoxidized linseed oil that is much older than this would not have that light a skin at this density. Hemp is kind of a dark horse, mentioned in older texts but never that much. It might just be that scary green colour. But the colour is from chlorophyll, and is fugitive as you can see. Fatty acid-wise, it's between linseed and walnut, but I expected more yellowing and slower drying from it than I've gotten. The Nutiva oil is very high quality for the price, maybe they're trying to create a market for a culinary oil that is kind of an acquired taste. Anyway, more than worth looking into, especially if you're in a humid climate, or want to use really bright colour that dries reasonably well.


      It's been a while since I've done any serious oil heating, like a lot of things, it's a little more challenging here than it was in Vermont. But, there's something I've wanted to try, and once Lily went out, I set the hotplate and flask up in the bathroom with an exhaust fan on a few windy mornings that brought in lots of air from other windows, and it worked out well. The smoke point of a refined oil is about 200C, above this it polymerizes more quickly, but is also being degraded unless it's in a vacumm ketle like stand oil or burnt plate oil. So I tried to keep this at about 190C (374F), a temperature at which it thickens slowly but surely. Used a heavy wall filter flask, made varnish in these years ago, the only issue was some oil leaking out of the spout when it got really hot and thin. The magnetic stirbar keeps the oil moving quickly, even so, it darkens a little from the heat in the presence of oxygen. It's walnut oil, started out colorless, and ended up a little lighter than stand oil. The longest I'd done was 2 hours at this temperature, which makes the oil thick enough to use as a saturating finishing oil in small amounts for a smooth style. That oil also tends to thicken more on it's own in the bottle, which is nice in the fused damar putty mediums in small amounts. Also wanted to see if I could replicate the double boiled oil effect, where an oil goes through the same heating procedure twice, and thickens more the second time around than if it had just been heated once for the same length of time. So this oil got two hours one day, and two hours the next day. Don't know enough to say for sure, but it does feel a little thicker than what I'd expect from 4 hours in a row. It's about half as thick as the thinner Kremer stand oil, which is 45 poise. (That oil is really a burnt plate oil, different smell from that procedure.) Compared the two oils with a little putty test, the Kremer oil was more melting, this oil was more resilient or sticky at the same viscosity. Which is to be expected, given that the Kremer oil was heated higher and longer. It will be interesting to let some of this sit in a half full jar over the summer and see how it behaves when it is thicker. Would love to generate a handmade alternative to stand oil with a bouncier rheology.


      Started the medium here this week, made it a little denser. It looks kind of scary, but not that much goes into the paint, and the egg yolk colour is of course fugitive.


      Liked working on this one, didn't have a model and got some basic lines going in the beginning with a feeling that I liked, and this always makes development smoother. But got to a certain point with it and didn't know what to do next. Usually I wait until later in the afternoon or the next day, but wanted to let it set up more in the afternoon and by the next day it felt done. Am realizing that if the energy is there, the next step just makes itself, it's natural and spontaneous, but if it's not there, it's best to leave it alone. I mean, this sounds so obvious, but it's taken me a long time not to keep trying, regardless; to just let it go. Some things happened in this one that I liked with both the colour and the form. Really liked that it didn't get too cut up or busy trying to 'make it better,' this has been an issue with a few of the more recent ones. The paint was still a little thin and this curtailed a few later options but had a nice mobility as a result. I always compare these images to one another, it's a good way to learn more about the process, and am also learning to do it in a way that's still fair but more neutral. So, there are a few images from last fall that are more resolved, but this one is asking more evolved questions than those did, which seems to eventually lead to more evolved answers. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      One of the things that happened now and then in the earliest iteration of this work in 2006-07 was a simple composition. It is easy for this approach to drift into complexity, so have always liked it when something more minimal happens. Again got a set of lines working early that I liked, and again the paint wasn't quite dense enough. But that lack of density allowed the larger fields to be more animated. Wanted to make this one more goofy, less peaceful or predictable, and I like that aspect of it. And again, got to this point, and felt like there wasn't more to do. This may be a function of doing these during the waning moon, waxing moon work seems to have more energy, and naturally gets more cycles of development in a given session. Can see some possible next steps with this one now, but they weren't obvious that day, and they seem to start another painting, not complete this one. New moon next week, as always it will be interesting to see where it takes the work. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.

may 10

      One warm day where I had to wear shorts, but otherwise still cool, almost freezing on Friday night. Sunny today, the neighborhood in full bloom, some people wearing masks outside, the symbology of this is eerie, like they have forfeited their right to speak. Week of the full moon, not the easiest one, a lot of intensity this time, sometimes it's just good to know why everything is being so amplified. Was able to get one painting done, story below, feel at least connected to the work again, like it can't be much longer before the next iteration gels. Still, feel more detached about this, like I'm still interested, but that it's not as crucial as I thought. One type of creativity, but not the only one. Maybe a metaphor for something that can also manifest at another level. There are many versions of the changes that are now happening. The various channeled messages have said for a long time that the yuga is over, the game is in the process of ending, the veil is in the process of being lifted, we are, in effect, going home. Link to a very approachable rendition of this material here.


      I've been drinking less tea, just one cup of green tea in the morning, then taking a few days off if it begins to make me crabby. Which, unfortunately, it can. There are lots of different kinds of these teas from Japan, they are incredibly resourceful at both creating new cultivars and new processing methods. It's hard to resist new tea each Spring, it does taste better, sort of an intangible but there's another dimension in a new tea that ebbs slowly over time, although less is if the tea is refrigerated without access to air. Anyway, have never had the fabled shincha Japanese green tea, the very first tea of the season, and found some of that at my old tea shop in Middlebury of all places. The price was sort of gaspy but I haven't exactly been spending money lately and it seems like a good idea to understand things: I got some quality matcha last summer and was glad I did. Also, I've tried the very affordable green teas from India and they have a long way to go compared to what the Japanese are up to. So, the Kagoshima Shincha arrived last week, and I made a cup of it. The first cup is always sort of a guess with a new green tea, but I didn't do too badly, have made this now a few different ways but couldn't say one is better than the other. I like to stir the tea a little bit with a bamboo skewer about halfway through the brewing time, this shifts it a little bit towards the look and taste of a fukumushicha, which is steamed a little longer in processing and is more brothy as a result. This tea is very smooth, lots of depth but only a fragmentary bite, with a long, open flavour that goes towards cucumbers and almost melons with a hint of tangy ocean air. Really elegant, after all these years I'm still amazed at what Camellia Sinensis is capable of. It's also interesting how information changes according to the specificity of the search terms. A search for 'Japanese green tea' is hopeless, chaos. But a search for Kagoshima shincha produces lots of interesting results. Except, how do you know when you don't know? There are lots of things like this in life, amazing rabbit holes that were unsuspected but suddenly open up when you figure out the right question. A small example of how an infinite universe operates but therefore a comprehensible one.


      This has been a complex time in which to remain informed. I like to be positive, and to envision positive things. This has proven over and over again to work: positive thoughts attract positive experience. And, from a still larger perspective, the great drama of good and evil in human life is just divine play. But this is an easier frame of reference to access in the peace of the temple than during a war. Still, being informed has worked to the extent that I have a sense of who the players are, and what their next moves might be. And this is very interesting, wow. An amazing story of duplicity and perversion on the one hand, heroism and wisdom on the other. Part of me would really like to inform my fellow citizens about this, but it also feels like anyone's awakening to anything is their own responsibility, and has to be their own choice. It's kind of hard to do nothing, so to speak, but given that everything is vibration, doing nothing is simply not possible. So, I'm realizing that being the change doesn't involve fighting anyone. Still, in this war, one side is telling the truth, and one side is lying. And it is getting more tense, and more obvious, every week. Endless coordinated inauthentic behavior, oh boy! Notice the time-honoured tactic of accusing someone else of doing exactly what you are doing? It's not that hard to feel detached about people who lie cheat and steal at this point, since there's been a lot of practice in the last few decades, and sooner or later these people reap what they sow. But when someone is peddling poison as a vaccine, or drinking the blood of terrorized children, or grooming children for ritual satanic abuse, well, this kind of gets to me. I lose detachment. Weird, huh? Why not just let go and let God? Have to admit it's hard to trust the plan to this extent, given that trust in authority is exactly what has been abused, although only by human authority it must be admitted. Still, would love to know why, from the divine perspective, this had to happen. 800,00 kids a year in America alone, just to open our eyes? Recently I wondered why more people were not being arrested -- well, openly arrested -- but now I've realized that the larger goal is public exposure of the conspiracy as a whole. If you're dealing with an infiltration, attacks based on disseminating layer after layer of disinformation until no one has any idea what the truth is, you can arrest the guilty until you're blue in the face, but it's far more important to make the public aware of the tactics themselves. So that maybe, just maybe, it won't be fooled again. 'We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence -- on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.' -- John F. Kennedy, 4-27-61.


      Sometimes I end up reading something from Living Craft that I like. Not always, but sometimes. After almost a decade of rewriting it, this is gently rewarding. As that early version of the I Ching loved to say, perserverance furthers. 'As human beings, we tend to want to generate further, even infinite, options. This is understandable when life often defines itself through significant limitations. Yet, older practice illustrates that, the more intense the technique, the more it tends to exist within boundaries that are well-defined. Tacit but rigorous organization allows more focus to be placed on executive inspiration, a situation in which the system deepens naturally through its own internal dialogue. Technical art history shows us that there is not just one magical solution, but many different approaches that in fact worked out well over time. It is interesting to note the various ways older painters dealt with limitations, perhaps even embraced them, as part of the process of creating enduring work. These systems tend to be as simple as possible, without being too simple, using the highest quality, though not necessarily the most expensive, ingredients possible. Paying attention to this most basic version of creativity – the way the system itself is engineered – maximizes the system’s ability to evolve in the moment The work occurs physically and intuitively, safely beyond the siren song of thought. Life has a look that can be achieved by emulating its components, but life also has a flow that is depicted most convincingly by being within it.'


      Did this from a digital reworking of one of the paintings from last year. Changed the colours, degraded it, moved a few things around, got something new I liked. Adjusted the medium one more time to see if it might do what I want without spirit copal. Well, could try this version one more time with a little added chalk for density, but it feels better to go back to a drop of the spirit copal. This would put the medium almost exactly where it was before, but that's okay, I had to find out. The paint for this one was fine, on the tender side, and semi-layering. But didn't like the way the layering looked, it was too blended, not discrete enough. Ended up liking the more translucent areas created by removal, but as a result overdid this, the animation in this overwhelms the cohesion. Like the less brilliant colours but there's more to learn about that as an approach. Still wet in this photo, it will dry a little brighter, with less saturation. Feel a lot of interest in this more informal type of composition in which things just sort of bounce around, but have only made a few of these that work. It's a question of what's on top and what's beneath, keep trying to avoid a specific feeling of foreground and background, but not sure this wouldn't be better with more of that. What is better? Well, a little calmer I guess. Usually when I sit with one of these for a few days I can begin to see the next step, not sure there will be one for this but it's always a fun puzzle. Would love to rescue these from having to be done in one layer, part of why I want a medium that's as lean as possible. Might try simplifying this a little in a month or so. Am mostly bothered by the semi-redundancy of the two pieces on the upper left corner, would make the left hand one either lighter or more blue. But this brings up what these are about. The nub, oh no! Tried this one with a model, even a drawing first, but the energy stalled. Began to animate it with the various types of removal but that seems a little arbitrary. So it feels like a good idea now to go back to one that just goes where it wants to go based on the energy of the day. Am happiest with the movement into a slightly more modulated set of colours, but I never really got into this one, was too busy thinking about it. This comes back to the quality of the paint. The energy wants to be able to take risks confidently, make the leap, knowing that the risk can be reworked or removed and still work as part of the overall process. This paint and this process didn't quite offer that. I've been through this movie before. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      A master...


      ...at work.

may 3

      More rain, one really windy day where I watched the giant sycamore tree in the backyard swaying back and forth more than once. Then finally sunny yesterday, dogwoods and azaleas in bloom, a beautiful afternoon on a beautiful planet. Did a variety of things this week, stayed as much in balance as possible, some days were better than others, but as time goes on I seem to get better at nipping my own reactivity in the bud. I mean, I can see how, in larger terms, love is all there is, but I'm not exactly in larger terms here, I'm in a city of 1.6 million people, most of whom are currently on the disoriented and frightened side. I guess this is about working with transforming the existing energy rather than denying it because it isn't evolved enough and effectively repressing it. I'm pretty certain at this point is that if it's in there, it's got to come out. Was helped by something from Ramana Masharshi this week. 20th century Hindu teacher, at first his approach was too dry for me, but I began to get more from it over time, and is quite funny in his own gentle way. He gets asked all these learned questions about enlightenment and brings everything back to the process of self-inquiry. At first I thought this was too simplistic, but have found it works. First, and most importantly, you notice your reaction. For example, if I'm in the car, and I ask "who is getting mad at that idiot?' or if I'm in a long line at the post office, and I ask 'Who is getting impatient?' or if Lily unexpectedly parks herself in my lap for an extended stay and I ask, 'Who has somewhere better to go?' this is surprisingly helpful at defusing things, at bringing them from a lower level to a higher one. It gives a place where there is less space an opportunity to become one where there is more. I guess because I have no idea who is reacting, and this is more interesting than being taken over by the reaction itself. Developing that process further seems most important at this point, because it leads to the most overall change in the world of my consciousness. Which is all I've got, no illusions about anything else left. Followed the work where it wanted to go, this can be circuitous during the first quarter of the moon, and it was. I like exploring what wants to happen next, but also tend to expect that it will lead to somewhere that feels conclusive or something that feels officially finished in some way. And that does sometimes happen, but this week the process took an unexpected leap. It took it's time, hunkered down and got ready, then went boing. Sort of like Lily taking a leap. They don't always work out perfectly, but had to happen.


      Once upon a time, there was a people that invented something called Tell Lie Vision, but then expected it to tell them the truth. You can imagine how much confusion this caused. Meanwhile, the planet hurtled further and further into the photon belt, absorbing unprecedented amounts of very high frequency radiation that made the lies more and more transparent. Almost as soon as they were told, they were exposed. But the people didn't like this. They wanted their old comforting Tell Lie Vision, because it was what they were used to. They had forgotten that there was anywhere else to get the news. The fact that their daily lies were evaporating almost on arrival was disconcerting. It left them wondering where to turn. Where, oh where to turn? Meanwhile, the planet hurtled further and further into the photon belt, absorbing unprecedented amounts of very high frequency radiation.


      An old client dropped in and wanted a painting this week. It was actually one I felt was done, so there was no excuse, had to let it go. I wasn't sure how much to charge them, so asked the pendulum. My first price was too low, the second was too high, the third was right. It was on gessoed paper, so it needed to be mounted on a panel and varnished. In some ways I like the ones on paper better just as they are, but most clients want a more traditional presentation of an oil painting. This took a few days, in some ways it's like riding a bicycle, but there were some details to remember. Then made a plywood case for it, an inner box for the outer cardboard box, and shipped it off. I used to get enthused about selling a painting but have become more detached about this process as time goes on. Sort of like, this was me, and I'm glad it was me, a process I learned a lot from over about twenty years, but it's not me anymore, and that's okay.


      Made a new version of the medium based on what's happened in the last few weeks. I guess what I'm looking for here is something that's both dense and somewhat moist. Decided to go back to a little varnish in it but may have overdone this, two drops of two varnishes, both of which are really concentrated. Could go back to exactly where I left off with the old system, it's all written down. But wanted to see if it could be improved on. So am hoping that, by working towards the type of look I had before, but with a somewhat different set of ingredients, the paint may end up in an interesting new place. It may not, which would be fine. But it might.


      The varnish does make the paint more thixotropic -- dense but mobile -- and discrete, that is less easy to blend.


      Felt like going back to a longer shape, did a few tests in marker, then a version in the matte acrylic medium of the one that I liked. The markers are sort of unforgiving but sometimes this is helpful, whereas the acrylic can be changed endlessly, but sometimes this is confusing. I liked the simplicity and lower chroma of the marker study better, and started there. Well, attempted to start there.


      Wanted to keep this one simple, and use colours that were lyrical, but not so full valued or high chroma. Also decided to try out a piece of gessoed linen instead of gessoed paper. Used the medium above, but also made a new version of the couch. This was probably an error, since the change made the couch slide more, and the paint was already mobile enough. I thought the ground would arrest the couch, but it didn't because of the new ingredients I added, which instantly sealed the ground. So, a new moon, and, somewhat belatedly, something new in a lot of ways. Small ways, but they added up to some confusion going forward. Didn't like what happened at first, but that's often the case, became more interested in the end, but wanted to keep it on the simple side, so paused to consider it. Was going to do more in the afternoon, but Lily hopped up on the stool just as I was about to start, a clear suggestion to desist. Hmm. Made a few changes over her shoulder, this was kind of fun but awkward and decided to wait until this morning, a new day often offers a new approach. But this morning, it seemed best to just let it go. As is often the case with something new, some things I like and some things I don't. But so many of both at once that further resolution is a little confusing right now. The most powerful influence is that I just didn't like how the paint behaved, probably due to the couch more than the paint itself. So, simplest to adjust everything based on what occurred in this one, and then start over. I used to hang on for dear life; try, try, try again as they say. And it was so noble! But the lesson from decades of that approach has been that the effort is often best put towards a new beginning. Got a better idea about what wants to happen next, something more different than I was aware of, and that's enough. About 7.25x16 inches, oil on gessoed linen.





april 26

      Week of the new moon, another cold and rainy one overall, warmer yesterday, a lovely Spring day, tulips blooming, cherry tree blossoms falling fast. Had to go to the regular grocery store for a few odds and ends this week, took a look in the aisle that has toilet paper just for fun. The entire aisle, the length of the whole store, was empty. Absolutely bare. No paper towels, no tissues, no napkins, no nothing! Beware of the stampeding herd, yikes. Had high hopes that the work would come roaring back with the new moon, but all was mostly quiet. Am ready to shift into something new, know what I want to do, so maybe that will begin over the next few days. My challenge isn't fear with the current situation, as much as it's getting angry about the prevalence of other people's fear, it's so-called validity, on the one hand, and the lies being told to maintain The Fear on the other. It's like there's this giant artificial fear generator out there, it makes me want to fight it but of course I can't find it. The standard spiritual answer is to love the fear so it goes away, which is easy to say from up there in the ether. To be honest I would rather destroy it, but also know this doesn't work. So, personally, an ongoing zugswang situation there. It isn't easy for me to feel that everything is well in each present moment while there's definitely a dark side in operation here, a conspiracy, to use the JFK term from 1961. Yes, the modus operandi and extent of the lies are getting more well known. A long way to go still, but the lies are serving their larger purpose of waking people up to the mechanism of misinformation, and how this is used to falsely shape the narrative. The goal of course is for the collective to stop giving its power away and take the narrative back. And I can see that, again in larger terms, the virus visitation is about creating a common experience in which we stop competing and begin to take care of one another. I just want this process to get a move on. So, have to be patient, not everyone has been waiting all their life for the matrix to fall apart. There's a great deal that needs exposing and it can only happen so fast.


      This seemed like an interesting example of how precisely the universe is constructed. Many ways to apply this to both art and current events. The work of Masuro Emoto along similar lines is also very interesting, photos of the way the structure of water reacts to various sounds.


      So, it's true that all vibrations are created equal, but some are more harmonious than others. Some of the less harmonious ones seem to be falling apart in plain sight. For example, it looks like there's a sealed indictment for Dr. Fauci, unwitting posterboy of medical malfeasance in the global tainted vaccine biz. And boy, the Pope had a difficult Earth Day, huh? A sad and confused message from a a sad and confused being. Is the end nigh for the most corrupt institution in human history? The lockdown seems to bring out the secret authoritarian in some people: the Harvard law professor who wants to outlaw home-schooling, and the miscellany of state governors gleefully getting in touch with their inner Fascist. Ran into a video earlier in the week by the hacking collective Anonymous that was directed at Bill Gates. Then, a few days ago, the Gates Foundation, along with WHO, CDC, the World Bank, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, were all hacked, with all kinds of passwords and information available online. Also read that Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel in 2008 for discovering HIV, said that Covid-19 is man-made and contains elements of the HIV virus. This is similar to an earlier conclusion I read from researchers in India who said that the virus contained 4 proteins from HIV. People on YouTube continue to post videos talking about the dangers of 5G, 5G towers all over the world continue to be torched at night. None of this information makes it to any media outlet, YouTube removed a video about UV light disinfection as 'misinformation.' There will of course be more of this. The MSM came out in lock-step against hydroxychloroquine this week, makes you wonder if they do get their marching orders at 4 am. However, hydroxychloroquine also continues to be defended medically, see Dr. Didier Raoult. They protest too much, I have a sneaking suspicion this particular compound cures much more than Covid-19. It came out this week that sunlight, humidity, and UV light are good at eliminating the virus, and that millions more people have had the virus, without any effect, than was previously thought. So, that battle rages on, but the MSM is getting increasingly desperate. After a recommendation that simple disinfectants kill the virus from the executive branch, a Washington Post reporter tried to make it sound like isopropyl alcohol was prohibitively expensive by quoting the price per 55 gallon drum online. After having been on the defensive before it even began, it appears the executive branch is about to go on the offensive. The Steele Dossier about Russian collusion has been proven to have been commissioned, and it has also been proven that this was known to the FBI. So, some high-ranking officials from the former administration may be indicted soon. As in, pick anybody. Given that this was a conspiracy -- there's that fateful word again -- to overthrow the duly elected government, the charge may well be treason. Although, in some cases, there may be some interesting other charges as well, such as human trafficking. But, maybe not. I feel it can be proven, but they may not go there, more for the sake of public sanity than anything. They've already taken this route with Tom Hanks, for example, who is obviously under arrest if you look even a few millimeters beneath the surface, and aging rapidly without access to adrenochrome. Many people think Hanks was born as Micheal Rockefeller, another interesting rabbit hole, certainly an uncanny resemblance although this makes Hanks eighty-three. Still, look at what adrenochrome did for the Speaker just this week, no more wrinkles, boom, eternal youth. Ah, but at what cost? There is a channel on YouTube that has a lot about celebrities and adrenochrome called Alice Down the Rabbit Hole. Beware of the recent one about pizz@gate, however, they don't call it satanic ritual abuse for nothing. There is also a YouTube channel called Weekend Warrior that has a lot about this aspect, the many-part series on the Cabal, for example, explains a lot without getting too graphic. It does get pretty intense in some of them, but he lets you know with the video's thumbnail image. Think no one could possibly be that evil, do stuff like that to little kids? 800,000 of them a year go missing in America. More than the population of either Seattle, Denver, or Washington DC. Where do they go? Shall we ask the main stream media? How could this happen in America, and go on for years? Will they tell us about the mind control programs MkUltra and Project Monarch, which disassociated a human being from their own mind by torture? The fact that Joseph Mengele was responsible for these programs, brought out of Germany by the OSS at the end of WW2 as part of Project Paperclip, and that they were initiated by a certain iniquitous aspect of our own government? Probably not, since that's exactly who tells them what to do.

      Okay, so that's this week's whirlwind tour, please don't take my word for anything but do your own research. Can't help but reiterate that 'we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence -- on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.' -- John F. Kennedy, 4-27-61.


      Medium test, made this on the last day of the moon. About 7/8 of the medium is stable, the question is what the seizing element should be. Before, I used a very small amount of Manila copal in solvent (oil of rosemary) to do this, a few drops per teaspoon (5ml) of the medium. It would be nice to eliminate this if possible due to the way it makes the paint film less integrated over time. But it may not be possible, which would not be the end of the world since the medium dries pretty brightly as it is, and remains that way over time. Still, I've really liked the saturation and brightness of acrylic with added chalk and water-soluble beeswax in the last few weeks, looks sort of like uber-gouache. Anyway, I guess the most important thing for now is just to keep going, it's not really possible to puzzle this stuff out accurately any other way. This painting used a mix of hide glue and water-soluble beeswax to seize the paint, but this was not that layerable at first, and became tighter and tighter as the paint sat on the palette. So, either I used too much, or it might just be best to return to the old way for now. As a painting, I don't like it overall, too many issues to mention, which tends to be the case with things that happen late in the moon. But I learned a lot from it so it doesn't bother me that much. It's also fun to look at this type of situation and figure out how to solve it as simple as possible. Right now I want to simplify the area to the upper right of the red triangle, make a bigger piece there. I used to want to maximize the functionality of my time to make the best work possible under the familiar mortal circumstances. But now it feels like this doesn't matter nearly as much. The larger issue is to explore the territory, which is the emotional quality of the day, and make the report, which is the painting. It may be time to give the brighter colour concept a rest, it's been fun but the ones I like best from last year tend to be not quite as bright. The colour logic is simpler for me when some kind of atmospheric envelope is implied. Waxing moon now, will hopefully have a day or two in the week to come when the next step can be explored. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches,oil on gessoed paper.

april 19

      One strange day this week when a storm came up from the south, lots of rain and one giant extended rolling thunder boom. Otherwise, relatively chilly and overcast week, often reminded me of Vermont, where Spring felt uncertain until the apple trees bloomed. Waning moon, new moon this coming Thursday. Continued to develop the next step with the style that began about a year ago, this was slow, as expected, did several medium experiments and feel like it's now at least on the right track. This may end up back where I started, but I don't think so right now. Working again is incredibly fun after having had to wait so long for it this winter. So, an attitude change there, more gratitude, less criticism. Kept poking around on the net about the plandemic situation. While, in larger terms, this seems to be about fear and our collective response to it, there's still a lot of nuts and bolts complexity that comes with it: where did it really come from, what is it really, what are the real figures, etc. And those questions may take a long time to answer. But the more I investigate this the more it seems like a cover for a good old fashioned battle between the forces of light and dark, not just in America, but all over the world. The dark side is using the virus (or whatever it actually is they created) to try to extend fear to promote the concept of central control. The light side knew a pandemic was coming -- not hard since they appear every two years at this point -- and prepared to both combat it and use it to wake people up to what the dark side is up to. And it does seem like more people are waking up. Still, this is not exactly a majority view, and that's fine, we all get to make our own decisions. But one thing I would respectfully suggest, regardless of what you feel is going on, is not to expect things to 'get back to normal.' What we knew wasn't normal. It was a form of craziness that we all got used to because it was all there was. That program of assorted lies and poisons is now beginning to disintegrate before our eyes. It begins when we see that the MSM is not just 'politically motivated,' they are lying in lockstep. It is, in the word first used by JFK in 1961, part of a conspiracy, just look at who owns it. And today, on the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the actual beginning of America, it looks like a backlog of long overdue prosecution is about to begin. In the next few months we'll see that the consensus reality of the last decades was a kind of endless movie, a deftly calibrated program of separation, infighting, materialism, and, before 2016, increasing perversity hidden in high places, designed to imprison us in a version of humanity that was extremely limited. The people in the 60s who got closest to changing it were simply killed. But what they stood for has flourished, in spite of all the efforts to deny it. Here and now, we have at least one proven inexpensive cure for the virus, making people wonder why there is a faction pushing so hard for a vaccine: hmm, what could be in that vaccine? (And what little nanobots could *already* be in existing vaccines, waiting to be triggered? Do a little research on choirboy Bill Gates! And boy it didn't take WHO long to arrange a celebrity fundraiser, what fascinating connections we are seeing!) So, the original fear-producing situation is going to calm down slowly over the next few weeks. The country is going to 'reopen,' yes, but major change has only just begun in 2020. Something new wants to happen, but before it can, something old has to be removed. If you've even started to work on integrating yourself, you know that old experiences that have become stuck and festered have to be acknowledged and healed before they can be replaced with something more positive. This process is beginning to happen now with the unconscious of humanity as a collective.


      Schumann Resonance of the last few days. The earth is being bombarded with unprecedented amounts of very high frequency energy designed to release us from the programming of the last few decades and bring the darkness into the light so it can be healed.


      I started making Lily wheatgrass, we've had some fun with this but she didn't seem that into it, either. So I switched the wheat itself to kamut, one of the heirloom wheats, just a hunch. This grew faster, and is taller and broader. Lily likes it better, though she is still off and on with it. I'd never wanted to try the other wheatgrass, but I wanted to try this one, and like it, it has a very sweet taste, which surprised me given how I remembered wheatgrass from juicing it long ago. A detail, it's just interesting how things like this come together.


      The backyard this week. My sixth anniversary here.


      Started this week again in acrylic modified by chalk and ewax, but the composition of this one got away from me on the first day, and I made the mistake of making the pieces smaller, the type of composition I call the crazy quilt. This always reminds me of that recurring set piece in Rocky and Bullwinkle where Bullwinkle is about to do some stage magic, and Rocky says, 'But that trick never works." Bullwinkle responds, 'This time for sure!' But of course, that trick never works. So, the next day I tried to salvage it, figuring, it's acrylic, it can always be painted over. And some interesting things did happen with the colour especially. So, something to the good there. But it continued to be unresolved in larger terms, and decided not to go further until I could really see what to do. Boy, what a week. It seems like this painting was done eons ago. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, acrylic on paper.


      Somehow, that also ended working in acrylic for now, and began to experiment with how to make a medium that generated a similar final look using oil paint. Made a chalk methyl cellulose and ewax medium for this, this dried very white and was quite brittle, wanted to see what happened when it was mixed with oil paint, this made it so it didn't shatter.


      Made up a medium for this based on the test above but it looked a little loose. Didn't want to add any resin to it, but it occurred to me that a little beeswax in solvent might tighten it. I ignored the little voice in my head that said, 'You are winging it, there will be consequences.' You know how it's easy to ignore that little voice? I mean, it's so quiet, what could it know? The wax in solvent did tighten the medium's rheology, but when I started working with the paint I didn't like the way it looked or behaved. Didn't put that much beeswax in it, but I could still see it in the results, and that always bothers me. Still I liked the way everything about the painting became simpler as a result of the preceding one. So, nothing is for naught, it all adds up to learning more about the process. About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Next, decided to go back to the tried and true organized approach, no 'winging it.' Moved this more towards the older medium, but kept it simpler.


      It was one of those days with lots of other, so got going later in the day, and just did a smaller one with this approach. The paint was surprisingly loose, due to the methyl cellulose being made with much more water than usual, but that looseness suggested interesting new ways to manipulate it. About 7x9.25 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Still, wanted something that behaved a little more like the older paint, so moved the medium an increment or two towards density in the next step by using a thicker version of the fused damar, and also adding some extra chalk (not seen in the photo).


      Used a similar composition, this version isn't quite as organic as the first one, which I like better, but like the way this developed. I tend to be hyper-critical of these for the first few days after they've been made, wanting to 'correct' anything that sticks out. But I'm not sure that doesn't also 'correct' some of the personality out of the image as well. As someone who was subjected to this procedure a great deal growing up by pretty much every adult I came in contact with -- with the of best intentions, of course, since it was exactly what was done to them! -- I'm getting more interested in leaving these in a somewhat more 'imperfect' state. In terms of the medium itself, I need to replace the methyl cellulose chalk and ewax component with something denser. This could be the same thing made with a denser version of methyl cellulose, but it could also be made with hide glue as the binder instead. Although I abandoned the wax and glue medium experiments from one of the LeBegue manuscripts in Merrifield, they did keep well in the refrigerator. Am looking forward to the next iteration of this. Will it be perfect, imperfect, or somehow manage to transcend duality entirely? Maybe should I just spend the week paralyzed with fear instead? About 10.5 x 9.5 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Action shot, wacking away at me from up on top of this shelf unit is one of Lily's favorites right now. I think because she is always looking up at me, but in this position, I am looking up at her. So, it is more natural in terms of how she hunts, but also makes things more equal, which is definitely something she is aware of.


      Lily has really liked having her own bed in the studio this winter, another example of equality. I wondered what would happen when I started spending time in there again, but she just sleeps while I work, it's very fun to have her there. I mean, she's not doing anything, she's just being there, but I can feel how helpful that is. Sometimes it's not what we do, it's just who we are.

april 12

      Relatively chilly and overcast, week of the full moon. Quiet in the neighborhood, masks are recommended but not required here, not that many people are wearing them out and about. Wore a mask to go to the co-op, it felt sort of silly but they requested it. Things there are almost back to normal, I used to go two or three times a week, but can do it just going once. Am slowly moving away from tea, can have one lighter cup every few days, but even at this level it makes me crabby, focused on little things from long ago. Have always experimented with other teas, seem to be able to deal with nettle better now, and calendula, both of which are full of benefits for me. Continued to do more research on what is actually going on with this lockdown, and continue to feel that this is only about a virus on the surface. But also feel it is important for everyone to come to their own conclusions. There is a link to a quality introductory video below. Bit by bit this week I came to peace with it all. That very few people want to know what feels like the truth to me, and that that's okay. Then I was able to paint again, an interesting coincidence.


      If what I wrote last week seemed completely insane to you, yet, somehow, here you are again, you might be able to deal with this sincere and well-produced video called Out of Shadows, which explains in broad brush terms the way the MSM and the entertainment industry have developed a specific way of spreading disinformation since WW2. What they have ended up hiding, who benefits, and who does not. Some high quality editing of telling clips, nothing too gruesome in terms of the dark side of this, but in a way that's understandable. Up two days ago, 1.5 million views. The beginning of The Great Awakening? I especially recommend this if you still don't believe the media is now wholly owned by what JFK, in 1961, called a 'monolithic and ruthless conspiracy'.


      Was able to start working in the studio this week. It was like the door was unlocked, and I could go in again. It felt like a good idea to make some studies first. Decided to make these in acrylic, a medium I used a lot years and years ago. Thought maybe it would be more spontaneous than returning to the system that had come together for oil. The first day was pretty spontaneous, but I didn't really like what came out that much. Which was fine, after a long hiatus, it was nice to be doing anything again.


      The next day, did a version of the old oil system, but in acrylic. Made the paint matte with marble dust and matte medium, ended up liking the look of this. Because it dries so fast compared to oil, it's a little more primitive, the fine adjustments in wet paint aren't available for hours the way are are in oil, had a very small window in which to carve things back. At the same time, it was fun to be able to cover things up several times. There are some things about this I like, but some other things that might be changed. Ha-ha, new medium, same old story. Not sure about this: I tend to look for simplicity and perfect balance, both in terms of colour and composition, and feel that defines finished. And sometimes it does. But finished moves around, and there's something to be said for banging it out and not cleaning it up too much as well. Would like more brightness on the right to balance the brightness on the left. Or, the mid blue of the upper right could be used in the lower left. Maybe it's as simple as making the magenta element below the mid blue bright yellow. Or, some combination of those. In any event, I would start the changes on the lower left. Of course, once one element changes, the relationship of all the elements changes. This used to drive me crazy but now it's fun. Might fiddle with this digitally and see what happens. Although, in larger terms, issues like this tend to be solved bit by bit through the process. Will keep going with this matte acrylic approach for a while and see where that takes things. Spring is in high gear here, seems logical to have the process become more spontaneous as well. 10.5 x 9.375 inches, acrylic on paper.


      There was a mourning dove calling up in the cedar tree outside the other evening, it was driving Lily nuts, she eventually got up on her hind legs and started pawing at the upper window.


      Like all of us, Lily has many faces. I love this look, the infinite cosmic gravitas of cats. Usually she looks like a cat, but every now and then she looks like someone who knows an awful lot more than I do.

april 5

      Waxing moon, cold and rainy week here. I actually did some clean up stuff in the studio and gessoed some panels and paper, it was nice to even be able to go in there, though the hope to get back to work continues to be deferred. Had a long, appropriately detailed dream about making a large egg tempera painting, kind of goofy, maybe more recreational than prophetic. Like so many things, hard to know right now. Tried to make some linseed biodiesel to explore as a less toxic paint thinner this week, but all I had was isopropyl alcohol and it didn't work. Roland sent me lots of info on this process, and isopropyl can work, but think I'll wait till I can get some methanol, which is more documented, if actually less readily available in small amounts. Sort of humbling, but this type of experience also focuses my attention. The co-op looked much more normal than last week when I went, though still no toilet paper, and the only rice left in the bulk section was sushi rice, which was somehow kind of funny. My cashier told me all kinds of things about hoarding last week, proving once again that, co-op or not, fear is fear. Speaking of which, the virus situation continues to evolve, not that many cases here still but we have just been requested to wear masks outside. I tried that on my walk today but it felt stupid so I took it off. I continue to feel all this is very odd, both real and unreal. On the one hand, an infinite universe has to be a fractal, meaning that we are all aspects, or atoms, of the cosmic whole, and beyond the duality of good and evil. On the other hand, this is clearly a war. This makes it hard to figure out what's really going on.

       The consensus frame of reference of the virus as a natural biological entity continues to make my crap detector whistle and beep like there's no tomorrow. Three fourths of mortalities have existing health issues like heart disease or diabetes: people dying with the virus, but not necessarily because of the virus alone. Mortalities also seem to be mostly older people. Mortalities in the US are between 1 and 3%, here it's a little more than 1%, in Louisiana and New York close to 3%. Yet, in Wuhan, mortalities seem to have been *much higher*, though this situation is still being covered up. Wuhan is a centerpiece of 5G activation, and I wonder if this is a factor, even a trigger, since 5G is basically a form of radiation poisoning, a weapon. (This may also be related to organ harvesting in China. You can also look up how interested China is in *acquiring American DNA*.) In Wuhan, the virus itself was new, and if it had been engineered to be a bioweapon, at it's most powerful: it is only 20 miles from the lab to the outbreak. But, because it is at least based on a natural organism, it is going to revert back to it's natural state as it reproduces. And viruses reproduce extremely quickly. There's also the fact that Charles Lieber, the head of the Harvard Chemistry Department who was being handsomely paid by Wuhan University, *set up a lab there*, and has been detained by the FBI for lying to them about this situation, is a nanotechnology expert. What is nanotechnology? The manipulation of matter on a molecular scale.

      The ultimate form of infiltration, one of the words JFK used to describe the tactics of the 'monolithic and ruthless conspiracy' in 1961, which of course murdered him two years later. To me this line seems on the right track, but unresolved as well, like some pieces may still be missing. But I have a feeling Professor Lieber is going to be sheltering in place a little longer than the rest of us. I don't believe the CCP is actually responsible for the release, they created an insurance policy that sat in a top security lab screaming 'Use me!' until someone did. They are, however, responsible for installing 5G in the first place, covering up the virus situation, and then exploiting the huge ongoing mess in their country, resulting in an increasing amount of both panic and unrest in China, faithfully under-reported by the MSM. They are also foolishly exporting a lot of faulty medical equipment to the world, generating an increasing backlash to all things Made in China. Much fog of war here, but it's not hard to see how this ends with the demise of the CCP. Not tomorrow, or next month, but, with this level of exposure, it's coming from within. With regard to the virus here, hydroxychloroquine, an old malaria drug, showed an extremely high rate of effectiveness in France and has been approved here, though the Governor of Nevada, after first banning it, now seems to be hoarding it. A readily available anti-parasite drug, Ivermectin, also appears to be effective. This has not stopped Bill Gates from touting his upcoming 'vaccine,' supported by pop's perennial ingenue, Madonna. There's a win-win combination! Notably, Gates has funded Pirbright Institute, the English company that holds a patent on the coronavirus on America, and therefore has exclusive rights to the development of a vaccine. Why is he developing a vaccine when there is at least one known cure and a few more in the pipeline? A lively and penetrating look at the mendacious medical machinations of our bashful buddy Bill Gates, and the way his 'philanthropy' generated a draconian system of first generating diseases, then supplying vaccines that are worse, can be found here.

      Predictions are that numbers of virus cases will continue to go up in the next week or two, the amount depending on location. But in New York, the biggest US hotspot, they are beginning to go up less exponentially. As of today, the total cases in New York state is 40% of all US cases and about half of one percent of the population there. But this too gets complicated. The situation in New York recently came under question when footage was used on CBS to illustrate the crowding and chaos in NYC wards that was in fact from Italy. Then people began to investigate supposed MSM 'hot spots' such as Elmhurst Hospital in NYC. All over NYC, they found empty hospital parking lots, calm hospital corridors. Nothing in fact going on, many videos on YouTube about this. At the same time,this video was recently put up from a doctor working with virus cases in NYC, stating that the virus is unique, and not a form of acute respiratory disease syndrome, ARDS, but more like high-altitude sickness in which the body is starved of oxygen. Basically, that it is not being treated correctly, that the way the ventilators are being used may make it worse. Interestingly, it is not hard to find the opinion online that 5G as a frequency weapon works by creating a situation where oxygen cannot be absorbed into the blood. Excellent 5G history and explanation video here that was removed from YouTube. This may explain the cover-up of large numbers of deaths in Wuhan, the disappearance of 21 million cell phone accounts there. This may also explain why the virus has both mild and deadly versions in the same location, depending on whether 5G is involved, or not. The MSM is in *total patriarchal denial lockstep* about 5G not being involved. What does this tell us, loud and clear? Research in India has shown that the virus contains 4 protein insertions that match those of human HIV, calling this 'uncanny'. But the fact that the virus is not natural will probably remain marginalized, just another one of those crazy conspiracy theories, because this is inconvenient to everyone attempting to define the frame of reference. Meanwhile, Google recently announced that it is launching a tool that uses people's cell phones to track them for social distancing compliance.

      In America, there are four fronts now. One has to do with stopping the virus, whatever it really is, whatever that really means. This is getting all the MSM attention, often negative, but somehow we do not seem to have the same virus Europe, let alone China, had. Yet this situation is being taken extremely seriously by all concerned, although perhaps for different reasons. This is explained by the second front, which is less well-known at this point. The second front is about is about a concerted campaign to stop human trafficking and pedophilia: specifically in America, but also all over the world. Endlessly under-reported by the MSM, 800,000 children go missing each year in America, but this does not count the number of children that are now born into slavery without birth certificates and raised in secret underground areas. NYC and LA are the main shipping and receiving centers for human trafficking in this country. This is why the hospital ships are there, and field hospital tents are now in Central Park. They are for the children who are now in the process of being removed. First liberate the children, then arrest the people involved. The children are moved via a system of tunnels to and from the ports, the military has been training for tunnel fighting for the last three years in preparation for this. This may be why the government is allowing or encouraging the situation to be exaggerated, it wants people to stay off the streets in NYC to minimize the possibility of reprisals. On the third front, drug running from Mexico and South America is also being targeted, a tunnel four thousand feet long was recently found linking Tijuana and San Diego. The fourth front is pathetic on the surface, having to do with people in Hollywood issuing strident calls, obviously written for them, for the removal of the 'incompetent' President. This is of course because his policies are a threat to the entrenched pedo-elitist way of life there. These announcements may move closer to both sedition and hate speech in the next few weeks as more captive children are removed from the LA area, there is already military transport helicopter and Osprey activity there. Some celebrities are making large donations, these may be real, but may also be fines or made in hope of leniency. Some celebrities are also sending coded messages to each other on social media, looking disoriented and much older in videos as their supply of adrenochrome has been either adulterated or cut off.

      So, while the MSM focus is on the 'pandemic,' it is hard to call what is actually happening anything but a war for the soul of America. The enemy remains the same monolithic conspiracy Kennedy spoke of on 1961, grown more entrenched, sophisticated, and bold over time. Doing an image search on 'adrenochrome,' the booby-trapped fountain of youth, and learning more about where this substance comes from and what it does is probably the keystone here. Keep in mind that these people are divided into several categories. Some are actor-actress-popstar users, some are serial pedophiles, some are involved in ritualistic torture and murder. More specific information about who is behind all this will probably be surfacing officially in the next few weeks, maybe even by Easter Sunday. The executive branch appears to have known about the plandemic long enough to have put together a very detailed counter-plan to both minimize it and use it as a cover to destroy the conspiracy. At this point, the writing is on the wall. There are over 150,000 sealed indictments in place, the number of arrests that are coming is predicted to be as high as half a million people. Yet, given that so many Americans have responded to the complexity of the last few decades here by simply keeping their heads down, disclosure at the level that seems inevitable may produce its own form of instability in terms of millions of people feeling completely betrayed by the system they trusted. There's no way what is about to happen cannot be a rude awakening: justice is coming, but also pain. Hopefully relief that the 'pandemic' has been stopped, along with the current massive effort to finally bring the system's darkness into the light, will balance this.

      So, that's a condensed look at the specifics of what's going on based on what I could find out this week. It is based on the JFK narrative, not the MSM narrative: the MSM is now owned by the conspiracy. But please don't take my word for any of this: do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. Alternatively, keep your head firmly in the sand, this too shall pass! It's your life, and your choice. At the same time, in larger terms we get what we pay for, and if we're unwilling to pay the price of learning the truth, then it just can't be part of our experience. See how that works? How that explains the millions of people confidently asleep at the wheel for decades? The millions of people now cowering and hoarding toilet paper because the MSM told them to be afraid, be very afraid? The millions of deaths being covered up in Wuhan?

      Finally, let's take a look at the bigger picture, which is actually far more clear. This experience is a mirror, both collectively and individually. We need to look carefully at both what we see, and what we feel. Humanity is ultimately a single collective consciousness, in whose daily physical reflection each of us has an equal share or vote. A great effort has been made to create fear and separation at this time, but this is by a decided minority of corrupt and duplicitous people. If the vast majority -- the rest of us -- comes together positively and says 'We refuse to choose separation, fear or hate, we choose togetherness, hope and love,' we will be able to triumph over this adversary that much more quickly. This is a time when we all need to work together to hasten the shift away from fear. When you see someone who refuses to help, or is sitting on the sidelines acting like the judge and jury, this tells you, clearly, which side they are on. We don't need to judge them in turn, they have already pronounced this on themselves. What we need to do is concentrate on the solution. There are physical aspects to the solution, but there's also a vibrational aspect to this that is at least, if not more, important. Please don't allow your hopes to be dampened by MSM 'facts,' these are so often outright lies at this point. Please don't discount what you can envision in opposition to fear. If it is imagined, it becomes part of our collective consciousness. If it can be imagined, it can come true. Hope is routinely downplayed by the MSM, perhaps because it too is catching. We have all been brought to this moment together for a specific reason. Let's use the great gift of this pause to collectively envision the most profoundly positive outcome to this we can. The test of the 'virus' in terms of our future is minimal compared to the test of our collective response to this type of challenge. I feel that everything will begin to come together again here in a few weeks. Keep in mind though, that a lot of change is still to come, and may come slowly over the next few months. This is because we are not going to go back to the fragmented old way, but forward towards a unified new one. How would it feel to live without fear? Imagine.

march 29

      Well, in some ways very little happened this week, and in other ways a lot happened. Was sometimes able to meditate on the daily battlefield, at other times lost it and wanted to fight. I see the challenge as remaining informed, and remaining balanced. Also did some of the usual research, but that world seems far away right now. Various details below, a lot to cover so it's on the brief side. Please look carefully into anything the MSM says, it is increasingly vitriolic and unsupported, designed to ignore progress and provoke fear and distrust. Instead, believe in yourself and in our proven ability as a nation to problem-solve under duress. Onward is always upward.


      A lot of people are speculating about how long this is going to last. So, here are two of my lunar return charts. The one labelled April started this week, but is mostly April. The next month starts at the end of April but is mostly May. The April chart has a relatively internal emphasis with most planets below the horizon. The May chart is reversed, with most planets above the horizon. This kind of makes sense to me in terms of the timing. In spite of the ongoing attempts of the MSM and certain governors to suppress it, there is a definite cure in hydroxychloroquine combined with azithomycin. There is plenty online about this, French MD with 100% cure rate in about five days, look it up! But there are a couple places, especially NYC and environs, that may take longer to calm down. So, it feels like about three more weeks before there's a change in terms of more freedom of movement. Not so much a change *back* to normal, as a change *forward* to normal.


      There's another chemical that you might want to look into. It is called adrenochrome. This substance is sometimes referred to as the white rabbit because of what the molecule looks like when rotated vertically. You can learn a lot from an image search on adrenochrome. This is interesting, because you can learn so much more now than even a week ago: the results are no longer being censored. But, caution is definitely advised here. You may not want to do this, because what you will learn is ugly beyond description. On the other hand, what you will learn is the truth, valuable in itself if often difficult. This particular truth may also prove helpful in understanding what is going to happen in the next few weeks. You may also begin to wonder why you have never even heard as much as a peep about this from the towering edifice of the MSM.


      'We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence -- on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.' -- John F. Kennedy, 4-27-61.
Of course, at that point the conspiracy he was speaking of did not control the mainstream media, though now they do. The way the media has consistently pushed panic and negativity from day one is of course evidence of a conspiracy, it will be interesting to see how this is handled legally as time goes on. The Kennedy assassination is focal to the current situation, it's not an accident that Bob Dylan just released a song about it. Once who was responsible becomes officially part of the narrative, this will establish the point of origin of the conspiracy for the majority of Americans. Although it actually goes back to the mother of all Trojan horses, Operation Paperclip at the end of WW2. It was all so carefully hidden, but this year it is all going to come into the light.


      A lot of well-meaning information is being put out about how to stay safe. And, while not to be ignored, this information is based on the erroneous assumption that disease sees everyone as equal. Yet, at the subatomic level, everything is vibration. And not all vibrations are created equal. This disease, for example, seems to have certain proclivities. This chart provides a basic look at things that raise and lower our vibration. Keep in mind that the collective consciousness of humanity, what we believe, is how we create our 3D reality. The current situation is, as ever, a battle between love and fear. Whatever we believe in is what we get. This is why the daily battle for the airwaves is so intense, why one side is presents solutions and hope, and the other side presents skepticism and fear. Which do you chose? It's one person, one vote.


      Non-technical chart of the way emotions are linked to vibration. So, everyone has a home range from low to high. This is a helpful filter for any so-called information. Does the information raise, or lower, our basic emotional vibration? We can always tell the Trojan horse because it pretends to inform, but releases fear.


      Chart of specific frequencies in MHz, showing the way vibration is linked to health or disease. This type of information is often used to illustrate the efficacy of essential oils, many of which, such as rose, frankincense, and lavender, have very high vibrations. But it is important to understand that the only essential oils that have a high vibration are *actual* essential oils, distilled from plants, as opposed to the many variations on synthetic essential oils that now exist, made in a lab. There is no such thing as a real high-vibration essential oil in any personal care product.


      A spiritual approach, graphing the basic divide between positive and negative emotions from the perspective of the soul's evolution. This chart also shows how any crisis acts as a kind of litmus test of collective consciousness in terms of the spectrum of emotional reactions involved.


      Specific details of the above approach. I feel this type of condensation is always a little blunt, some details are necessarily lost, but also that this is generally accurate. Note how the way we have all been isolated by recent events emphasizes an 'inner directed,' as opposed to 'seeks approval and validation' approach. Maybe there are better ways to use this time than watching Netflix and drinking beer.


      There is a new 'non-toxic' solvent out there. Boy, people just can't resist this type of marketing, having seen Chelsea get away with it. It's a similar situation, they say all kinds of fruity things about it but the SDS file is a joke, no information whatsoever. This is the case even with the European file, which is technically illegal. But let us pass lightly over that. They do say that it is derived from soy oil, and when I asked my friend Roland about what this is, he sent me lots of technical information about biodiesel created from soy oil. So, that's what this stuff is, and part of the reason they are being so coy about it is that it is not that hard to make, see below, and because Chelsea has put the price point of this type of material quite high, and they want to capitalize on that.. It is true, however, that this is LESS toxic than various other solvents. But it is not non-toxic, these people are simply banking on the same old ploy that all regulatory agencies have bigger fish to fry. A non-toxic solvent is an oxymoron, it cannot exist within the chemistry of the planet. So, once again, manipulating the foolish hopes of the marketplace proves irresistible even for small players in the art supply biz. Caveat emptor, no matter how smooth and *organic* the advertising rhetoric!




      Some more mundane stuff that happened in terms of ongoing paint research from conservation sources. An enamel decorative house paint formula was created in 1897 by Briegleb, a Dutch company, and then manufactured in Paris by Lefranc, which began to make artist’s oil paint early in the 18th century. Ripolin quickly became popular due to its high quality and extensive, uniquely artistic palette, and was used by many painters in the 20th century to create flat planes of bright colour that dried with a uniform gloss. An early well-known artist to associated with Ripolin is Picasso, who started using it in 1912. As aspects of Picasso’s technique became more widely known later in the 20th century, this led to many defiant exclamations of ‘Picasso used house paint!’ as proof that, in art, genius is more important than technical considerations. This position is of course understandable, but the evidence is misleading, because the quality of the original Ripolin was far beyond that of what we have come to think of as industrial house paint. Recent scholarship has noted that the Picasso paintings made with Ripolin are easy to identify by eye due to their palette and high degree of preservation, as seen in The Red Armchair (1931). Yet this has proven difficult to confirm by analysis because the original Ripolin was so technically similar to fine art paint. This suggests that, at least originally, Lefranc may simply have adjusted their fine art formulas with heat polymerized oil to make Ripolin. However, the formula did change over time: later samples of Ripolin from the 1930s-50s have been found to contain copal and colophony varnish in some cases. Ripolin is still manufactured today, by PPG, but is made with a modern enamel formula.


      Ripolin sample cards and advertising paraphernalia collected from Picasso's studio. The fine art influence in the colour choices is especially clear in the card on the lower left.


      The Red Armchair, 1931. Picasso painting made with Ripolin.


      Got an older text published by the Tate a few weeks ago called 'Completing the Picture,' technical art history before it was capable of being particularly technical. Mostly 20th century work, it had a tempera painting by someone I didn't know, Maxwell Armfield, who looked interesting. Did an image search, and there were lots of elegant ones in a variety of styles. Then it turned out he wrote a book about tempera A Manual of Tempera Painting, published in 1930, so I found a copy and ordered it. The tempera painters in England at this time were really figuring it out as they went along. The movement was a reaction against the excesses of modernism, and also against the oil paint of the period. In the introduction, he writes: We know that the pictures that the mist advanced if us are painting at the moment are good to see, in that they evince a healthy reaction from accepted rules and canons; yet we know that they are not lasting pictures. For one things, they are unpleasant. Oil has failed us; and the best of our efforts are gained by drawing it out of our colour with blotting-paper--a procedure not smiled upon by the chemists. Otherwise our daring primaries sink to a dull and horrible rawness in a few weeks, a rawness that sets everybody's teeth on edge, and with a similar sinking at heart we find ourselves obliged to brazen out the position by a feeble defense, taking the line of the irrelevance of beauty and its fluctuation.' So, not unlike the situation that drew Picasso to Ripolin, Armfield wasn't getting chromatically stable paintings with the period's version of fine art oil paint, and the period's brave new version of the craft, so he came up with an alternative. A small but interesting group of painters, they mostly seem to have worked in what we would now call tempera grassa, an egg emulsion enriched with oil.


      Late Armfield painting from 1952, modifying the earlier emphasis on integrated planar colour with a little more dimensional modelling and atmosphere. Very thin paint, looks like tempera grassa, very limited palette, stellar awareness of how to get technique to serve art.


      Reading the Armfield book led indirectly to some work on a tempera medium this week based on a formula in the early 15th century Lebegue manuscript in Merrifield. This has nothing to do with Armfield's egg and oil approach, but involves glue and water-soluble wax, so it is similar to the Mt Athos cera colla tempera discussed by Doerner and Wehlte. But it also includes some other ingredients whose identity is sort of a translation mystery, and a procedure that is sort of a mystery as well. A surprising amount of interest in the 20th century in this formula, a few painters and scholars reporting good results with different versions of the medium, but no actual paintings to see that were done with it.


      Made test batches of several different versions of the medium, then made a small test of the paint itself. The medium had some oil in it, and, as I think about it, the amount may have been either too much or too little: too much for a water phase paint, too little for an oil phase paint. Odd things can happen with emulsions when the balance of ingredients begins to cancel out their behaviors. Anyway, the pigments didn't all like the medium, only ultramarine was simple to mix, but I did a set of swatches anyway to see how it operated. It was a little frustrating to know so little, and have the results be so inconsequential, but it also seemed like the only way to learn what might want to happen.


      But, in thinking about it, there's something about this paint that I like. The crudeness, the obvious 'this wasn't made by a dark Satanic mill' quality. But I'm not sure this type of formula is the right way to go. Also not sure whether this will develop further at all, a lot of things seem to be very up in the air right now! But I've done a lot more with methyl cellulose tempera, so if it does go further I'll try water-soluble wax with methyl cellulose next, instead of with glue.


      Getting warmer, Lily's getting more quality time outside. Really nice to have someone around for whom human crises do not exist.


      Her latest thing is to scramble up on top of this pile of stuff, then look at me expectantly until I come over and spar with her. This happens at night, or on a rainy day, typically just after she's eaten, more of a dance than a fight. She's come to expect various forms of feint or subterfuge, and seems to parry these with extra enthusiasm. She's gotten very good at just using her paws, not her claws, but I've noticed that if I get too cute or tricky, a claw tends to emerge to re-establish respect. Not the best action shot as usual, but it's very fun for us.

march 22

      Waning moon, new moon in a few days. Warmer in general, unsettled weather. Pretty quiet week here externally, the neighborhood is kind of like permanently Sunday morning. I didn't encounter much fear this week. It happened once, and I explained the simple statistics here -- a state of almost 13 million people with less than 300 cases of this thing, resulting in one death so far -- but had to accept that the other party preferred fear. Which they always have, actually, so nothing new there. To me it all feels sort of like watching a movie. Didn't see many people this week but talked to a few at the co-op who weren't cowed. Did a lot of research this week about what is really going on, and that was interesting. Before this week, there was a piece missing, something I didn't get, but now the story as a whole makes sense. Which was somehow important to me, longtime student of the battle between light and dark. I tried to write more about it, but it's ugly and there's too much of it, wheels within wheels of corruption that is finally on its way to the surface. Don't think disclosure and justice can be stopped anymore, the hunters are about to get captured by their own game on the one hand, and their own dark legacy on the other. It won't be too long. This particular multi-dimensional chess match for the soul of humanity has been going on a long time, without most people even knowing about it. You could say it began with the assassination of JFK, or with Project Paperclip at the end of WW2, which most people think was about 'rocket scientists,' when it was actually the ultimate Trojan horse. But now we're in the endgame, what's been hidden so well is going to come out. Part of me still gets mad about this, but it's becoming less and less over time. I mean, everyone's choices are their own, and dark choices always comes with consequences eventually. It feels like, after the current hiatus ends, the next iteration of life will be new as a result of what comes out, not a return to business as usual. For now, on a daily basis, what is happening presents us with just another choice between love and fear. Notice, for example, in the news, who is pitching what, the increasing volume and hysteria makes it more and more obvious. Collective fear sees its message as vital and wants nothing more than to unify all of us in fear. The panicked stampede is a pretty perverse form of unity. But this can only occur if we are brought down to its wavelength. So, I've been trying to go up, not down. It's hard to love this Chicken Little energy, how embarrassing yet apropos to have people hoarding toilet paper! But I'm working on that too. Some stuff may come out in the next few weeks that distracts the collective from the airborne virus, and puts the focus more on the human one. But in larger terms, the key is to chose love and expand. Notice what pulls you down and minimize it, figure out what pulls you up and maximize it. Astrologically, there's a new moon in the coming week, this one is very specifically focused on the healing of collective wounds. Then there's a turning point at the end of the month when Saturn enters Aquarius in a conjunction with Mars. Good-bye old way, hello new way. That will be when the collective officially calms down about the airborne virus stuff. I keep hoping painting will begin again, it's interesting to go through all of this without my primary source of therapy, but it feels like that's for a reason too. I'd have to admit that a new concept has taken shape bit by bit over the last few months, so, when the work begins again, it too will be in a new place. Otherwise, it's a beautiful Spring day here, the redbud and magnolia trees are out in glorious force. May everything also bloom profusely for you and yours.

      "Every day things change, and the world puts on a new face. Certain things rearrange, and this old world seems like a new place. My plan didn't work out like I thought. I had laid my trap for you, but it seems that I got caught. What's this old world comin' to? Things just ain't the same. Anytime the hunter...gets captured by the game." - Smokey Robinson


      One of the things that turned out to be more difficult to make from hand-refined linseed oil was an autoxidized oil that didn't yellow. This is generally true for linseed oil, the origin of the interest in heat polymerized oils such as stand oil, which yellow minimally. But I found that there were several ways to help minimize yellowing, details of that are in this PDF. So, here's an example of an oil that's been autoxidizing slowly over the winter. It was refined in 2012, then heated for 3 hours to 100C to add some calcium ions to it. The oil is only moderately thick at this point, but began to skin over. So I tilted the jar and took a photo of the skin, which is above the oil. So far this oil looks promising as a thicker autoxidized oil that yellows minimally. The three factors involved are the age of the oil, extre cleaning and the creation of a small amount of calcium linoleate by the heating process, and the lack of humidity in the house during the winter.



march 15

      A mix of cooler sunny and warmer rainy or overcast days, officially getting a little warmer overall. Week of the full moon, Mercury also went prograde again, this felt like having my brain reinstalled after the last few weeks of retrograde. I'm still on furlough, but have been getting used to it, the personal landscape is still calm and spacious somehow, although I've been doing a lot of information gathering about the coronavirus situation. It was especially interesting, for example, that the FBI arrested the head of the Harvard chemistry department last week for lying to them about his *extensive* economic ties to Wuhan University; they had even paid him to set up a lab there. Part of the ever under-reported backstory. Anyway, having spent the last few years concentrated on healing anything negative that comes up in my own consciousness, a negatively engineered crisis just doesn't cause much of a reaction. I can see that, on one level, it's real, but on another level, it seems like an invitation to fear, the most basic contagion, that I can accept or decline. And it's not hard to decide which approach makes more sense. Is more healthy, so to speak. Otherwise, well, how to put this? There's something happening here, but what it is isn't exactly clear. As today, there are 41 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania, a state with almost 13 million people. 130,000 cases would be 1 percent. So 41 cases is about .00004 percent. Yet, the last time I went to buy groceries, there was a lot of fear in the store. At that point there were less than two dozen cases in the whole state. I hadn't anticipated this and it was caught off guard, it was not easy to be around mass irrationality. Although, forewarned is forearmed for next time, and it looks like we're in the more active phase of this for several more weeks at least. But it's a co-op so there was no panic buying, just some discreet hoarding. My neighbor went to the co-op more recently, and from their report buying mass quantities seems to have escalated a little. But no fights over toilet paper so far. Geez, makes you proud, doesn't it? It is interesting to realize once again how easy it is to misinform and manipulate people through the media. I can remember Colin Powell holding up that little vial at the UN and thinking, "What a crock of shit this is." Also, it's somehow like both sides knew this was coming, and were prepared on the one hand to exploit it, on the other to contain it. Right on cue. It was clearly supposed to be deadlier than it is, which brings up questions like, how were they so sure, and who or what dialed it down. I don't think the virus situation here is going to get that bad, unless of course there is another 'outbreak.' But that may be getting a little obvious, a little plandemic. And of course this is still taking place within the ongoing internecine war in the government for the soul of the country. Everything is being stopped, shutdown, travel ban, National Guard called up, zowie. On the surface this is a pretty complete containment response, but it also sets the stage for another type of response. In other words, it looks like there are two kinds of invisible virus in this equation, only one of which is airborne, but both of which are now contained. I'm attempting to remain balanced with this, learn what I can without getting involved, not hope for too much too soon. Reducing the situation to its cosmic essence, it's inevitable that the Dark will lose, and the Light will win. So, in a way, the details don't matter as much as I'd like them to. And sometimes, it's just not possible to understand the flux what is going on regardless. Still, am really interested in next Friday, the day of the Equinox, 3-20-2020, when the Sun enters Aries and Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn. A day when a large collective operation of some kind might begin.



march 8

      Waxing moon, full moon on the 9th, some sun, but mostly on the rainy and blustery side, lots of early flowers blooming in the neighborhood. Had an interesting dream earlier in the week where I was with a large group of people in an old school-type building. They were familiar people somehow, but no one from my actual life. It was some sort of conference, or reunion maybe. There was something I had to do, so I wasn't paying that much attention to what was going on. But then they called my name, and I went through a large arched doorway out onto a large floating proscenium: I had graduated. Not sure what this means, in a way I do feel sort of finished, but maybe it's just with a level I've been on for an awfully long time. I was surprised that there wasn't more hoopla in the dream, but this is of course part of the earthly version of graduation. In this version, there was still plenty to do, and we just kept on doing it. So, I mention this in case anyone out there is actively working on themselves, because this process can seem truly endless: there's always something new coming up, it's like going halfway to the wall forever. But it seems that there's a way in which the effort we make is noticed, and acknowledged. There have been things I never thought I'd be released from, but -- slowly, it must be admitted, but also surely -- they have begun to drop away in the last few years, and especially last year. Have had to leave most of old me behind, and I guess letting go of caffeine was the last step. This letting go process has made the interior landscape calmer, and the various exterior machinations of culture seem like one of those manipulative action movies. I watch as little of it as possible, still hope for the good guys to win against the insurmountable odds, but don't feel that involved with it, except for wanting the movie itself to finally end. Which it will when the truth finally comes out. As in the dream, there's not going to be a lot of celebration, because unveiling the extent of what has been hidden is instantly going to create a lot of work. But at least this will be able to proceed on a firm foundation towards creating a sane culture once again. So, a relatively quiet week here of accentuating patience and the positive. Looking forward to the Equinox and the final week of March, this seems to be when things will begin again, on a number of levels.


      Over the last few weeks I liked exploring different digital versions of a painting as a way to develop it further before making another, very different version of it. The series below started with this painting from last fall.


      No.1: The day-glo batik quality of this was exciting at first, but then I learned more and now seems sort of obvious, so developed it again for the last version below.


      No. 2: Still learning what can happen. Would like to see more of the pattern in the upper right corner at the upper and lower left corner. But felt it was better to just keep making more of these.


      No. 3: Less contrast and chroma, this one has potential but doesn't feel complete.


      No. 4: Like this one better, not quite complete, maybe a little more contrast, but could see beginning something from here.


      No. 5: Returned to some hotter elements. The right side, on the diagonal from lower left to upper right, is interesting, might be fun to develop this from there.


      No. 6: Then inverted the whole thing, this diminishes the oomph of that central rising wedge. Want some of that gray-green stuff in the lower left but maybe that makes it too predictable. Something has to happen down there. Otherwise this feels like a painting.


      No. 7: Made another version of the first one based on what I'd learned from the series. On its way somewhere else.


      No. 8:Tweaked the one above and did some landscaping. I like it best of this series, it emphasizes unity so maybe a little more of the contrast of the proceding one. Ah yes, halfway to the wall forever. The most evolved in a way but #4 and #6 are still my favorites. Not sure where this goes next, probably just where it wants to. It was fun and more creative than I thought it could be, opening another possible door for developing these. I like the strategy of this type of image as a model to make larger work on panels in layers, using essentially a traditional technique that mixes knives and brushes. This moves the process away from the alla prima stress on completion, and into letting it take time again, allow it to develop more spaciously. But this could easily be just a whistle stop on the way to somewhere else. Will know more in a few weeks as Spring begins to kick in more. Really looking forward to the Equinox and the final week of March. Did I say that already?


      Life with Lily.

march 1

      A pretty cold and sometimes blustery week, even some snow flurries, but there's also a lot of hellebore in flower in the neighborhood, and March looks pretty warm. Had a quiet week of accentuating the positive. This isn't that hard if I stay with the bigger picture, and the concept that the highest or lightest position is of the most service. It feels now like I got a little confused in February about needing to know about the negative, and I'm still actually a little conflicted about a desire to confound their knavish tricks. But I'm working on it. Mercury retrograde, this tends to slow the words down, can also refer to larger issues in which communication is withheld or deferred. Of which there seem to be more than a few at this point. A lot of fear-mongering being packaged as vital information. One more week of Mercury retrograde, then there should be a little more light about who did what, where and when. Why is another story. Maybe it's simplest to say that just as some people love the light, some people love the dark.


      Put together a PDF selection from Living Craft about the pros, and some little known cons, of contemporary commercial oil paint. This came from some reading in recent conservation research, there is a definite pattern forming which people should know about, but you're not exactly going to hear about it from Dick Blick!


      We tend to talk about linseed oil as though it were one thing, but it can be many things. There are also processing and environmental factors that can make it darken, and that can help it not to darken. A PDF selection from Living Craft about linseed oil and how to keep it bright over time.


      Lily has her own shelf in the pantry.

february 23

      Semi-Spring at first, then colder and sunny this week, this was a little confusing for some flowers in the neighborhood, and also for Lily, who had really been enjoying a long afternoon out. Tail end of the moon, new moon this morning, too early to tell but am hoping for a moon that is more nurturing, less demanding. A very quiet week puttering around waiting for my back to get better, it's still kind of sore but improves a little each day. My attitude has always been that things like this happen for a reason. So, I'm trying to take responsibility for this and make some substantive changes. The first thing is to stop rooting around for answers to what's going to happen next, who's really the good guys, who's really the bad guys, etc. I know there's a lot of buried stuff, and I know it has to come out, but this process gets me really agitated, and when and how is not up to me. All I can say is, it's all on the internet, and, over the next few months, when you hear a newscaster say someone is 'just nuts,' or are told that something is a 'baseless conspiracy theory,' these are in fact clues, places the truth is trying to emerge, dots that can then be connected to form quite an unexpected picture. What is hidden is totally outrageous, this has been part of its camouflage, and will create some delay in terms of it being accepted as it begins to come out. But it will come out, and I just need to be patient a little longer. The other change is to stop having anything to do with anything containing caffeine. Oh-oh no-oh! I wasn't drinking that much tea, and it was mostly green tea, so that's probably why I got away with it for so long. But it had become sort of like putting on a suit of armor every morning in order to do battle once again with the forces of evil. Having been caffeine-free for a whopping eleven days now, I can see the various ways in which this approach is limited. In larger terms, the mayhem itself is an illusion. I know this, so why do I get tangled up in it still? Because that's where the mayhem wants me! It's hard to fight this particular fight without getting angry at the other side for cheating so much, and, although I struggled against this as well, more anger was definitely a part of even a daily small amount of caffeine for me over time. Without the caffeine, things are more spacious again, I can see that it is a free-will evolution in which everyone gets to make their own choices, regardless of whether they are helpful or harmful. Dreams at night are also better: more creative, detailed and interesting. And I knew that. Yet, when I'd de-decaffeinate in the past, I sometimes had issues with energy levels, but it seems clear now that this was because I was so addicted to doing as a way to avoid being. For the last few years I've been asked over and over to expand, shift the emphasis more towards being. This is sort of a philosophical struggle between the old and the emerging me. At first I felt enthusiastic, but recently have been responding more reluctantly, sort of hedging my bets. That's understandable, there's no manual for how to become your own next step, no one to ask for advice, it's all done by feel. But after this last week it doesn't seem like such a big deal to surrender a little more of the old me. I like what is happening in exchange, and clearly, the old way all has to go sooner or later anyway. A demanding moon, and I was sort of late picking up on what it wanted, meaning that it happened the hard way. But it happened.


      The small painting on panel from a few weeks ago with some digital edits to open it up. In some ways I like this better, but in other ways it doesn't seem like it goes far enough. As in, the next version needs to be a new version, not a corrected version. But, maybe that goes too far as a concept, maybe it can be a synthesis of both. So, just digital, fiddling with how to break back into something that's finished, but unsatisfactorily. Took the actual painting and worked on it a little with some carving tools, this was interesting, areas can be leveled, scored, even removed, larger edits or smaller ones. It feels like something new is starting to happen, but slowly, it may take a while to discover how these can be developed in layers while maintaining the original freshness of the colours. Even though this is a little complicated, I'm interested in exploring it because it removes the process from the relatively arbitrary pressure of needing to be done in one layer. Even if layered work is occasional, and alla prima work is still the main focus, it seems like the layered work would really inform the alla prima work.


      Well, I wouldn't have gotten her peacock feathers because something tells me they were not exactly surrendered voluntarily, but she has a friend who gave us a few of them and I have to admit that they are great for exercise, the eye looks fragile but is actually really resilient, the shafts get bent but I put duct tape on them. She'll chase them and wack away at them longer than pretty much anything else. For someone with a limited vocabulary she actually has a lot of different ways to communicate. If I get direct eye contact something is up, the question is what. She started doing this with my bowl of oatmeal in the morning but then I realized it had to be because I put a little coconut oil in it. I thought You must be kidding but I looked it up and a little bit is very good for them in a variety of ways. So now she gets an infinitesimal amount of unrefined coconut oil in her food. I had gotten her some high-quality gelatin a while back but it seemed to give her the runs. But the coconut oil proportion made me realize I had probably given her too much gelatin at first. So I tried adding a very small amount on a little water in her bowl and mixing that into the food. This is working out much better. Proportion, and a greater understanding thereof. Halfway to the wall, once again.



february 16

      Third week of the moon, mostly overcast and colder, Mercury is almost retrograde, have been able to feel my ability with words diminish over the last few days. Last week I could tell things the stress was fulminating and I wasn't handling it all that well. But then in Wednesday afternoon my back went out and things got more stressful in one way, but relaxed in another. Which is always sort of odd, but definitely a feature of these incidents. There was one original relatively scary incident about thirty-five years ago, where I couldn't walk for several months, so there's always a little bit of that to deal with. I used to beat myself up about this whenever it happened subsequently, but slowly learned it was just another aspect of the impossible balancing act of life. No matter how in balance I get, there's always more to learn, more to balance, often things to balance I didn't even know where in the equation a month ago. I know this is what I signed up for coming here, but would only comment that the pain and repetition part gets overdone on this planet. Cosmically, I think it's part of the danger that occurs when you've got the kind of hands-off management we have, though I'm sure that once I'm on the other side, I'll appreciate the larger scale vision and wisdom of the Creator more. The back part is improving, each day I get a little more range of motion, can stay out of bed a little longer. The first difficult part was just stopping the extent of my own internal noise. I should not be allowed to cruise around the internet trying to figure out everything that's been hidden under the cultural carpet -- there's way too much to find! -- and have called a halt to that along with caffeine. The second difficulty part was feeding Lily, I tried putting her food in a different bowl on the kitchen table but she kept looking at her old bowl so I eventually figured out how to get down to the floor again and used that one. Much better. She is always very helpful when there's something wrong with me, spent Wednesday night behind my knees, a tremendous amount of high vibration and moral weight in that thirteen pounds. Yesterday she did something fascinating that I couldn't help but feel was for my benefit since it was played out right in front of me. As you know well if you live with a cat, they are masters of the physical world, of where they are in space, of where they can go, and of what happens if they do a certain thing. I was lying in bed, and she got up on the far corner, down by my feet. She got into a crouch, and stared at the small round table about four feet away, which was covered with a folded-over tablecloth for her to sleep on. The table is higher than the bed by about a foot and a half. She got ready, wiggled her back legs, then jumped onto the table. Four feet across, a foot and half up. I've seen her do things like this before, but outside, and from a hard surface. So, that was pretty impressive. But her momentum carried her right across the table, her claws took the tablecloth with her, couldn't get through into the table itself. So she and the tablecloth disappeared over the opposite edge of the table, hit the back of a small old wooden chair there, and knocked that over. Then she emerged and walked calmly away. I got out of bed and called her back, I think she used to get into trouble at her old house for stuff like this, but I could care less about the furniture. So I petted her back to make sure she knew I wasn't mad at her, and she purred: us 101. At first I thought, what the heck was that about, but then sort of forgot about it. But when I woke up this morning it seemed clear that she had done it to explain something about what had happened to me. I had made a jump that was a little big, hadn't known what the landing area was like, and took the consequences. In other words, that I didn't need to feel bad about it, just learn from it and move on. Last week of the moon coming up, not sure much will happen with the work in the week to come. I loved what I was doing last fall, just loved it. It's hard to understand why I've been brought to this point with the work only to be stopped over and over again. It's not like another direction is beckoning, and it's clear that the work has developed even without being able to do it the last few months. I tend to look at it as my job, one that is never finished because the process is always accruing more on every level. It's like an endless game of multi-dimensional chess, and have always seen it as the ultimate therapy in the very complex situation of humanity on planet earth. But maybe my real job is just to be me, and the paintings then occur as a function of that process. This approach impresses me less, so it must have merit.


      One of the things I was belatedly beginning to return to this week was eating more raw food. I know it sounds counter-intuitive in the winter and this is what got me off it. But I knew it was time to go back, maybe it was reading in several channeled places that raw food is alive with universal energy in a way that cooked food isn't. Anyway, rapini or broccoli raab is something wonderful that I'd always felt needed to be cooked, but then I thought, Well, why do you feel that way? and made it like a light Japanese pickle. Chopped up fine an hour with a little salt and finely chopped shallot, then a little good olive oil at the end. A nice surprise. Then made it with a few finely chopped Calamata olives, this was good too.


      When I was stuck in bed, took a look at the way the next few months are represented in the lunar return charts. There's a lot of information in these, but to me it is coded, I'm not that intuitive with astrology beyond the ABCs so it takes me a while to figure something like this out. It looks like next month is less stressful than this month, but not by all that much. New moon next week, it's looks like a relatively gentle or nurturing one this time. Had really hoped to begin work again by early March but now I'm not sure. The chart for April (bottom left) looks more promising, and the chart for May looks more promising still in terms of getting some painting done again. I would still love to believe that painting is the most important thing in the world for me, I guess mostly because the work from last year was so much fun to make, and seems so interesting as a direction. But this process keeps suggesting -- over and over again, for years now -- that there's more, that all this inconvenient more stuff needs to be balanced and re-balanced, over and over, and that if it isn't truly balanced, the last thing that's going to happen is quality painting anyway.


      When I got involved in the phony spike lavender wars last year, I also learned about how the word 'fragrance' is a code for chemicals. Having already stopped buying anything with a smell in it, then decided to just make my own detergent. This was also easy, lots of recipes on the internet, the one I liked used 4 parts borax, 4 parts washing soda (sodium carbonate) 2 parts soap flakes, 1 part salt, and 1 part baking soda. I bought soap flakes once, but of course had to get good ones, which were expensive. Still, with that recipe, it looks like a pound is going to last over a year. But then I made some liquid soap, and some regular soap, and ended up finding a recipe for making your own detergent soap, and made that this week. This is mostly coconut oil, with about 10% olive oil because I miscalculated how much coconut oil I had and had already made the lye. So, it's not pure white but is still, already, hard as a rock and ready to grate into soap flakes. The preponderance of coconut oil makes it very cleansing, and not at all moisturizing. I like laundry that is dry, and it actually has a fresh smell. About 4 pounds of soap from less than 20 retail dollars of ingredients, about 25% the cost per pound of the soap flakes I bought last year on Amazon, enough for 5 or 6 years of laundry combined with the other ingredients. I guess most importantly, it was fun, so I'll do it again.


      Earlier in the week, played around with various ways to make the image from last week black and white. This was fascinating because it still felt like a painting, something personal, but was different.


      Keep coming back to this one, something to learn here about balancing stronger values and what they do to the space. So, this is where I'd like to start, but we'll see what the coming moon brings.

february 9

      Generally mild and overcast, some colder rainy days that had kind of an ugly vibe. Week of the full moon, that was last night, yesterday was pretty challenging, that old familiar sense of being trapped in a twisted hall of mirrors went to about a nine out of ten for a while. The only thing to do is hang on, find things that are positive to neutralize the negative. Even as a kid, I always saw it as a battle between good and evil, but of course it's hard to find the evil now. We know it's there, but where? Are the good guys actually evil, are the evil guys actually good? When everybody with a microphone is lying, what happens to the truth? A twisted hall of mirrors all right. But I still believe that this year will begin to straighten it out. The week started in a semi-promising way for the work, but then I ran into a wall. It remains difficult to pause and reflect, seemingly endlessly, but have to admit it has taught me a lot about what I've done, and where it might go.


      Finally got the work from last summer and fall up here. This is the first page, they all have larger images. The second page is better, maybe even much better. Of course there's a way I think and feel about these, but maybe that just interferes with the way you might think and feel about them. There are a few earlier ones from 2019 on the preceding page, but I really liked the overall progression of this one.


      This is a lunar return chart. These happen every month for the time the moon returns to where it was when you were born. I've only been working with them for a few years, and, being about the moon and its monthly influence, they've proven sort of tricky to interpret. The daily transits of the planets in the sky to the original natal chart provides one kind of calendar about moods, events, or even what the collective is experiencing versus what I'm experiencing. But these charts seem to be more about the feeling side of things, which is interesting to look at more closely since this is exactly what the gulag day-to-day life is designed to submerge. For example, in this chart there is an asteroid called Fama (Fame) in the 12th house of the unconscious or reflection that is opposite an asteroid called Spirit in the 6th house of work or service. And that's certainly a type of opposition I'm dealing with now on an emotional level. So, that's one thing about these charts, though they can seem oblique -- at least to me, not the world's most intuitive being -- they can also get personal and direct in a hurry. It seems to be not about the size of the planetary body, but about the exactness of the geometry involved. There also seems to be some link to linear time, beginning at the nine o'clock position and going counter-clockwise, each quarter of the circle is a week. This chart started on Feb 1 so it's now right at the bottom. And, as in the chart, this past week was pretty empty, very little wanted to happen, or did. So, in theory, there should be one more week that is similar, but the energy is rising. Then the final two weeks of this chart will have more going on. But whether that's on the outside, the inside, or some combination of both, I can't say. As you can see, there are lots of red lines, very few blue ones. The red lines are for 'hard' aspects, mostly squares (90 degrees) but some oppositions (180 degrees). Hard aspects tend to be more stressful, but also more motivational. Soft aspects (trines=120 degress, or sextiles=60 degrees) are more harmonious. There's more geometry involved as well, and patterns as well. An absurdly detailed universe, let's just simplify it and do it our way. Anyway, this last week was definitely an oddly tense or stressful one in its own quiet way, zowie. I've gotten pretty good at ignoring collective insanity but it continues to ramp up and there's certainly a sense of much more to come. The more the truth is shredded, twisted, and hidden, the more agitated it gets. For the last few years I've felt off and on that something relatively buried had to come to the light, just had to. Then it would die down, comer to naught again. But this is something relatively big, and also something relatively ugly, which means a great deal of effort is being expended on keeping it off the general radar. Anything about it becomes a conspiracy theory in a hurry. So far, most of it remains submerged, unless of course you go looking for it, or are good at connecting some of the surface dots that are far apart, but do go on for several years at this point. But I can't help feeling that it won't remain hidden for too much longer. Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in early April, that would be a logical time for it to come out: an expanded collective rebirth. Patience, boy, lots of patience is needed. Really hard to wait for divine timing on this one.


      Something else in the simple food department I've been having fun with this winter is kamut or khorasan wheat. This is theoretically an ancient type of wheat which means it is less likely to cause some of the issues associated with wheat. The grains are quite big, the protein level at 14% is pretty high for wheat. The best way for me to cook it is to soak it overnight, then it's ready in about 45 minutes, the same as the French lentils it usually gets cooked with. Here I forgot to soak it overnight, so started it earlier than the lentils after soaking for just a few hours. That worked out better than I thought it would. It tastes sort of like a nuttier version of wheat, but it smells just like fresh coconut when it's cooking. If I have it soaked overnight I sometimes chop it up like steel cut oats and have it for breakfast.


      Made a simple test putty and seized it with four different things. Here's the general procedure, using a little bit of Manila copal in oil or rosemary as the seizing agent. This is interesting because it's a spirit varnish, but creates a thixotropic seizure like a hard resin varnish. Just a little resin, the copal is a concentrate, as much as will dissolve in the oil of rosemary, the saturation comes from the oil. It can be any oil, even works with stand oil as shown. Very nice approach for painterly realism, alla prima or over a lean underpainting.


      Of course it doesn't have to be done with resin, I just like that one because it's so unexpected. Test tile showing the same procedure done with four different ingredients to make the putty seize. They all have slightly different feelings, or working behaviors. The egg yolk will dry without that yellow colour, that's fugitive.


      Wanted to see if I could do anything with some of the work from 2019 that didn't work out the first time. Not sure the second layer really did that much in terms of actually changing this. I mean, lots of different colours, but not that much actual change. Pretty funny, but not unexpected. Still, had to try it. 10.5x12 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Not once, but twice. This one had the brightest colour, and the most Seussian composition, of all. Took what I'd learned from the first one to this one, and more happened, but again, not that much more really. Working from too complex back towards simple may not be the way to go. Or maybe, now that that's been proven, the next layer might get more simple. In relation to starting a new one, maybe if the first layer were very lean, and very simple, these could be developed in layers. It would be nice to make them bigger at some point, but doing a bigger one alla prima would probably not work for me.


      Then thought about how the colours and shapes of an existing painting that I liked could be altered digitally. Original painting from last fall on the left. Altered version on the right, this is a photo of a print, which degraded the whole thing even further. Which I liked, the cruder the better as a model, allows for more interpretation. The blue one has some illogic in it due to the way the colours were changed, and some additions or amendments. The process made it more spacious somehow, expanding. Want to use this one as a point of departure and see what happens. Original painting is about 9.5 x 11 inches, oil on gessoed paper.

february 2

      Waxing moon, mild overall but relatively overcast. Week of my birthday, this is when the new year actually seems to begin for me. Felt clearly different that morning, kind of like a pack full of rocks had been taken off my back. Made a few small paintings this week, they weren't great but began the next phase of the project, and kind of defined the next set of issues.


      My birthday this week, this is the chart of the time I was born for this year, called a solar return. I've done these for a while, and they kind of have their own symbolism. I've put some of the relevant asteroids around the outside, there are a great many of these so they have to be in exact aspect but then they become really interesting modifiers. It's an unusually detailed universe, I've learned to my cost over the years that exploring it works better than ignoring it. This chart is like last year's chart with the strong 12th house emphasis around the moon, a relatively interior placement. But the rest of the chart is flipped above the horizon, the public sector, and more concentrated. The public sector! Some tension there with the moon, that thick red line, the moon would rather be left in peace but in 2020 it's not exactly going to get it. So, the latter part of this year should feature more activity, beginning in September. Which is funny, because it has always felt like I'll be done by then. Not sure yet what I'm finishing, it could be any number of things, but something will be ready by then for the next step, and venture out into the world more.


      A lot of different things happened on this table this week, which is always fun. It's only chaos if you can't find what you're looking for, or make room for the next step.


      Started this on my birthday, got this far. I've wanted to try these paintings on panels for a while, and made some panels that were small enough to seem well, semi-sacrificial if need be. Technically, the panel went well, but all did not go smoothly with the paint. I had to try the very tight, layering version of the medium one last time, but the ultimate look is too fragmented as a result. Still, I like where the colour began to go, and was pretty happy just to be making it at all. It felt like something new had started, like I was through to the next orbital and exploring what wanted to happen there. So, as usual, had to wait for the door to open. But once it opens, it's easy to walk through.


      First one this week, first one of these on a small panel. Did this with the juicier version of the medium, the paint layered but was still pretty mobile. This type of colour is fine at this scale, but the composition got a little gridlocked. In a way the paint's movement balances this, but, well, not enough. It felt good to start in on these on panels, even if they are small, lots to learn about the ways that this approach is different. Can see doing another version of this concept, same palette, same take no prisoners approach, may also do more to this at some point. About 6.75x7.5 inches, oil on gessoed canvas over panel.


      Made this with a version of the medium that set very fast, it could be layered without issue. But that also meant it was sort of unrelenting, or static, and I knew it wasn't done after the first day.The next day it was dry to the touch, but not really. When I started working on it again, things began to hang up more than they should have. So, the geometry of this feels kind of stilted to me. Could not get myself to make this simpler, it kept getting more cut up as I tried to get it balanced. There's something about the colour that I like, but also something that isn't resolved. I guess the same is true about the composition, the lower left especially is too busy. Pretty small, a good scale to test things out, want to get another layer on this one this week and see what happens. Maybe do some removal first, carve some areas back to the ground so things don't get too goopy. It feels like I've given the tight version of this paint enough of a chance, the juicier version is where things are headed next. So, one that was a little bright, and a little too simple, then one that got into a new set of colours, but got a little complicated in terms of the composition. That sounds about right in terms of solving the next level of these. About 6.75x7.5 inches, oil on gessoed canvas over panel.


      I got Lily new wheat grass, it's not a sure thing that they'll have it at the co-op, but I was there and they did. She'll eat the old wheat grass -- after all, it's still green, better than the yard these days -- but she loves the new wheat grass. I mean, I can tell. I feed them to her one at a time, up on the kitchen table, sometimes she gets really into it and her face is a few inches away from mine. Chomp chomp. The blade itself is below her line of sight, and sometimes she has a little bit of an issue about where it is exactly. But then she gets a bead on it, chomps, and purrs. Sometimes she gets distracted by something going on out the window on the sidewalk and I say, 'Ahem,' and waggle one on her ear. Then she refocuses and chomps on that one. I pick out the next one, maybe say, 'Oh, here's a good one,' and give her that one. She doesn't chew these as much as change their shape, and sometimes she makes me wait a bit while the last one goes down. On it goes, a simple and somehow tremendously peaceful activity. It sort of stretches time, one blade of wheat grass after another.

january 26

      Slowly back to warmer this week, then a truly gross day of cold rain yesterday. Last week of the moon, new moon later on Friday. A sixes and sevens type of week in many ways, a new year, a new moon, my birthday in the week to come, there's a lot that wants to happen, but it also feels held back, like this is the time to plan, get organized, develop a clear overview for the coming campaign. Continued with the tree gum experiments in the medium, and made one painting I liked, definitely a rarity for this phase of the moon. Not sure what wants to happen with the new moon yet, but all kinds of small new things are occurring, fascinating to observe this process. By next Sunday they will have coalesced into this moon's message.


      Big week for the Schumann Resonance. After a few days in a row of the intermittent stripes, it went constant on the 23rd and 24th. Why, it's almost as if it's trying to communicate with us! I stay away from mainstream media, but even from a distance can see it has embarked on an unprecedented multi-front distraction overload program. My advice would be to ignore all forms of media-induced fear. What is real in the story, and what is not? Who is watching the watchmen? To learn from this situation, look at the story that is being buried, not the one that is suddenly focal. In larger terms, what, in 2020, will we learn to see for the first time as a collective? What has been there all along, hidden in plain sight, that we haven't been willing to acknowledge, but will learn to in the year to come?


      Usually if I make a lead white, I make it on the loose side, because it's going to tighten in the tube relatively quickly. But with this tube I really wanted something tight that would have more covering power, an old style lead white. So made it with preheated walnut oil to get as much pigment in as possible and also have more time before it thickened than I'd get with linseed oil. Well, this was in the summer, so it still thickened pretty quickly, which was actually good for a while. But, visiting it again recently, it seemed like it was now or never in terms of retubing it. This isn't hard of course, you just have to be in the right mood.


      For me it's been good to have two type of putty in tubes, one that is saturating, for finishing, and one that is leaner, for underpainting. These two can of course be blended. It was time to make a new tube of the leaner putty. This has some fumed silica in it, so I wear a serious particle mask to do this. Not that much of a production, a big tube lasts several months.


      I can remember reading somewhere that the behavior of all the gums from Prunus species is the same, but wanted to make sure, since sometimes (okay, often; okay okay, always) this type of remark turns out to be too simplistic. So, got some almond gum and peach gum from Amazon. The almond gum is from India, and is used like gum tragacanth as a refrigerant for the summer heat. The peach gum is from China, and is used in a variety of ways, both for summer desserts and as part of a traditional anti-aging facial regimen. The behavior of these two gums is very different. The almond gum dissolved into a syrup with less tack or pull than the cherry gum, but with the same effect of tightening the set of the paint dramatically. The peach gum I haven't used yet, I keep adding water to it and it keeps swelling, but it also remains kind of integral, almost fibrous, won't mash cleanly. May need to boil it to get it to break down a little more. It feels like it will also contribute to a strong set. But, we'll see.


      First one, did this before the almond and peach gum arrived with a mixture of starch and gum tragacanth. This mix was 3 starch to 1 tragacanth, and holds the same position in the system: 12.5 percent of the medium, 2.5% of the paint film. Well, you could say this is obsessive, or you could say this is the way the universe works. Either way, it's the only way to understand what's going on. The starch-tragacanth mix had a nice balance of grab and glide, with some elastic density that gave it more life or even comedy. I'm fascinated by comedy in painting, it seems so necessary, yet in art history is mostly conspicuous by its absence. Had a good feeling about this one from the beginning. Possibly because it was always interesting, but never right as a composition until the very end. Was not filling in the blanks of a set of lines that worked, but always looking for what would work. This is of course more hairy, it might never work, but at this scale it seems to be more what wants to happen now. Different colours, more seasonal in a way, yellow did not want to be more than marginally part of this. It's interesting how references to things that are 'real' sometimes crop up, there's something I see here, but I like it so it's okay. So, ha-ha, maybe each one has to be absolutely new, this rivets the process in the present moment, where more can always happen. This would also save me a lot of bother trying to make plans that never work anyway. About 9.5 x 11 inches. oil on gessoed paper.


      Second one this week, did this using the almond gum in the medium. Like the cherry gum, this created a situation where the set was really strong and fast. At 2.5% of the paint film, this is a pretty interesting reaction. In some ways I'd like to be able to capitalize on the uniqueness of this, but in other ways it tends to make the geometry more static, less organic, simply because each layer moves so little once it's applied. A little frustrating, I'm reluctant to leave something unfinished, but thought that might be best in this case: very end of the moon, a new medium, I liked what happened but didn't have the oomph or awareness to keep changing it beyond a certain point. So, this will be an interesting experiment, to see if it's possible to get back into one of these after the first round of paint has dried. About 9.5 x 11 inches. oil on gessoed paper.


      Detail of the lower left corner. The set of the paint in successive layers was so strong that it carved back to the white of the ground. I'm interested in seeing if I can create some of this effect, but not all of it, by the choice and balance of the gum ingredients in the medium. This sort of happened in the first one this week, but in a way that was too mobile. I don't mean this critically, it's just interesting to explore what can happen in terms of balancing the behavior of opposites. In this case, too tight, and too loose. I love the way working with the paint redefines what the opposites are. Up until this week, I didn't know about this version of too loose and too tight.


      I'm always interested in things that are simpler, sometimes part of a painting can become a point of departure for something new.



january 19

      Third week of the moon, more unseasonal warmth at first but now into a brief colder spell with a little snow yesterday. Felt like something was going to happen in the work this week, and it did, a little rocky, a little lumpy, but happy to be working again. I can think about it, make drawings, but the only thing that really matters is what wants to come out in terms of the colours and forms. What wants to be said, where the language wants to go. Things are looking different than they did in 2019, a good reminder that the system evolves whether I obsess about it daily or not.


      The year 2020 seems to be about seeing more clearly, and this is about looking more closely at what's really there. The big letters are easier to see, they may even be the only letters we're supposed to notice. But there are other letters on the chart, and these tend to tell a more complete story about what's actually going on. Where is our attention being directed? What is this designed to distract us from? What, in an infinite universe, is being marginalized, framed as too far-fetched to be possible or true? Once we realize where we're not supposed to look, it always turns out it's because there's so much there to find.


      As the plucky planet moves deeper and deeper into the photon belt, experiencing unprecedented amounts of extremely high frequency energy on a daily basis.


      Well, you never know. This started out as a monochrome compositional study for a painting using a putty made with cherry gum, see below. But the putty did such different things, I just followed it around, and it kind of turned into a print. A little chaotic but fun to explore, additive and subtractive, no limitations. Much more could be done with this technique, but probably not by me. Detail, about 11x14 inches, oil on Arches Huile.


      The cherry gum is on the left. When this is added to the medium, there's a tremendously enhanced set. It's like using hide glue, only more. Then I got some gum tragacanth, that's on the right. Decided to get something real, as opposed to a powder, I've sort of come to suspect powders, too easy to twiddle the dials with what's actually in them. Tragacanth swells and absorbs water but is slippery, not tight or gluey like cherry gum. Okay, very different behavior, but how different would it be in the medium? It did in fact have the opposite effect of cherry gum, making the paint flow more. This is unique since the other water-soluble additions - starch, methyl cellulose, hide glue - all make the paint tighter in one way or another. There are lots of different subsets of these gums. With cherry gum, all the Prunus species can be used: peach, almond, plum, et al. They're not going to be exactly the same, maybe, but they're going to be similar. With tragacanth, they all come from a variety of Astragalus in theory, the word comes from one of the original types used, but there's another species that gets used as well. The terminology of this area is really vague, a lot of acacias get called gum arabic, a lot of astragalus species get called tragacanth, a lot of prunus species get called cherry gum. So, this is like trying to find out what tree damar or copal resin comes from. It isn't just one tree, it's a set of trees that produce similar resins.


      A simple chalk and oil putty with an addition of cherry gum, this was the putty used for the monochrome study above. It seized more than I thought it would, had to add more oil twice to get it mobile again. Even so, the paint had an incredible set.


      First one, from Thursday, always nice to make a painting again after a pause. Started this with a simpler set of lines, ended up liking both the colour and the composition of this in terms of beginning something new compared to last year. The putty with cherry gum set relatively quickly so that each area could be layered several times. This was sort of a double edged sword because of how quickly the paint set, but I enjoyed the way this one continued, and also altered, what led up to it. About 9.5 x 11 inches. oil on gessoed paper.


      Second one, day one. Sometimes I take reference photos of things in progress, the idea being to see what worked and what didn't in terms of the changes. I wanted to keep the odd dark red and green triangle, it wasn't integrated but it felt like integrating it would be better than eliminating it. Wanted to use more white but had to bring some areas back down in value.


      Next day on the second one. This one had gum tragacanth in the medium instead of cherry gum, and this paint did not set very much at all. This meant that some relatively fine changes could be made to the colours, but that there wasn't as much native oomph in the execution. I guess I like the concept of first one a little better, the simplicity, the way the shapes acknowledge but subvert the grid. At the same time it seems like everything that happens is part of the continuum of the process, it all goes into what happens next. During 2019 the water-soluble binder I used in the medium was methyl cellulose. There was nothing wrong with this paint. In fact, over the year it became the brightest and most personally functional paint ever. I guess my issue was that I couldn't make methyl cellulose, meaning I really didn't know that much about it. It's mostly cellulose, from plants, but modified, made by companies like Dow. And then of course that cherry tree right in front of where I park at the post office just happened to have a lot of fresh gum on it. No angels on either side pointing to it, but it still didn't seem like a coincidence. So, changed that one ingredient in the medium, about 2.5 % of the total paint film, and a whole new level of possibilities emerged for the paint. This is the type of thing about the process that I like. Had to wait a while the last few months, but lots to learn from what began to happen this week. About 9.5 x 11 inches. oil on gessoed paper.

january 12

      A nutty weather week, some truer cold, then warm rain, now today is supposed to be 65 and sunny. Good grief. Week of the full moon, an intense day but not a bad one. Each time I have to pass through a particular gate, and leave part of the old me behind. This has been going on for a few years now, so it's not a surprise, and each time I end up feeling a little lighter. When I came back to Philadelphia in 2014, a kind of Pandora's Box opened, there were a lot of challenging experiences, one after the other for years. Bit by bit it became obvious that it was about facing everything I was afraid of, which made it easier. By 2018 this had calmed down, the challenges were all about unresolved material from the past. In 2019, these began to get smaller, or less frequent. There was one issue I finally asked for help with, too much had happened over too long, could not get it to calm down. But that did finally take care of it. I mean, when it's finally gone, you know it. It reminds me of that part near the end of the wizard of Oz, when Glinda tells Dorothy that the ruby slippers would have taken her home all along by clicking her heels, but she had to learn some things before that could happen. All of this makes for a lighter feeling, maybe Lily's periodic happiness attacks are catching. In the sky, Saturn is in the process of conjuncting Pluto. By tomorrow night, it will be briefly conjunct the Sun, both slightly ahead of Pluto, and beginning a new thirty year cycle. Uranus just became prograde again, and over the next four months, there are no retrograde planets at all. What does this mean? Well, if you feel you've had enough adventures in Oz, it may get a lot easier to start back home. You won't hear about this opportunity on network news, of course, where Oz is reality, and home is a foolish illusion. But if you're done with the illusion factory of consensus culture, and you're ready to make your own reality, there's a lot of support available for that now as this plucky planet hurtles deeper and deeper into the photon belt. Funny, you never hear about that on the news either.


      I forget about Japanese sweet potatoes, then remember them again. They're all pretty big now, but they keep really well in the fridge once cut in half. This is half of one, cut into small cubes and steamed. I like that because it's pretty quick, but I still have time to set up everything else. I tossed them with a little good olive oil, a little chopped up shallot, some chopped walnuts, a few chopped fresh sage leaves, a little pepper, and some grated Romano cheese. The interaction of the savory and sweet elements was intense, but good. Maybe less shallot next time, or a little chopped scallion instead.


      Wanted to get complete with the water-soluble ingredients that were used to make oil phase emulsions in older paintings, there's one left that I don't know much about. Years ago I got some cherry gum from Kremer, but it was so old that it was difficult to reconstitute it. Recently I got some from the tree outside the post office that was fresher. Chopped up a little of it, pretty tough at first but it became soft overnight in distilled water. It was really full of bark, tried putting it through a piece of fine scrim, but a lot of little pieces still came through. To actually work with this, it would have to be made more liquid first, so it could just be poured into a strainer with fine scrim or cheesecloth in it, then let it thicken again. Made a test putty with preheated walnut oil and chalk, added about 8% cherry gum, maybe a little less, but that amount seized it to thoroughly to use, so maybe 4% would be okay. Wanted to see if the colour made any difference, it's slight. Now will see if it yellows, this will take a while, have not read anything about this either way, it may be that the small amounts used make it moot. Things like egg white, starch and hide glue seem easier to work with, but cherry gum -- the gum from any fruit tree works -- wouldn't be bad once it had been cleaned, dried, and powdered.


      Something older that I've always liked, I think this is from 2006, picture from yesterday. Most of that year's work sold, it was a unique year, a lot of this kind of work sold right out of the studio, all year long. But some of the more retiring ones stayed with me. Did a lot with this palette that year, three colours and white, using green instead of blue. Could go on and on, ha-ha, but won't, this one just has something I've always been interested in. Which is rare at this remove, usually something this old has been diminished somehow. Of course, it's in the eye of the beholder. So, anyway, back in December I made a very bright painting, but didn't really like the composition. It began to feel like working with harder edges and more conscious geometry had somehow reached a limit. Good things had happened over the summer, but that painting was not one of them. Many factors, certainly summer versus winter. I mean, you could add white sand to one pile, and black sand to the other pile, forever, considering everything, but these decisions always come down to how it feels. So I did a set of small drawings, to see what might be in the older approach at this point, since the painting pictured here had intrigued me for so long. 13.5x15 inches, oil on gessoed paper.


      Then decided to make a larger drawing. My goal is to move the size back up to half sheet again, above, from the smaller quarter sheet of last year, so it seemed best to explore what would happen at that scale again as well. This was done on a paper with a fine pebble texture, possibly an error. Worked on this a little bit each day over three days, had issues getting the black pastel to do anything I liked, and don't feel it's done, but I did learn something. I like the way the geometry began to get more organic and unpredictable, but there's lots more development to go there. At this point it feels like it's way too balanced, and that there's too much going on. Also, I think that with this system I just want to work in strong shapes and values, which is not how the paintings have worked, or what this particular paper wants to do. In other words, the system of this one seems headed somewhere different, which has its own interest, but feels sort of tangential in relation to a preparatory drawing. Right now it feels like the next step might be to do a monochrome study in oil at this scale. Did many of these in a semi-realistic way over the years, see image below from 2015. This approach might provide a way to explore value and composition that was closer to the final feeling I'd like to see. 13.5x15 inches, pastel on paper.


      Lily has been hanging out by this window in the studio recently, she likes to have her own official spot with a radiator right underneath. This has solved the "How can I miss you if you won't go away?" issue we sometimes run into in the winter. I cleaned it up for her, and its been expanding bit by bit, but it seems big enough now. It got colder for part of this week so I insulated the window more, it's fun to do this kind of thing for her. She likes it if I come visit her there, like it makes it more fair, instead of her always coming to me. She has a strong sense of politeness, she's always slowing things down, suggesting these little developments to how we interact. I try to be aware of this, although it's often inconvenient by design, there's always a reason, and I don't want her to feel I'm incapable of understanding, the sense I developed early on about the larger beings who were nominally in charge. When I visit I rub the spot between her eyes gently, this releases endorphins in her kitty brain. And then it's time to start grabbing my hand between her paws, no claws when she's sleepy. I pull my hand away, then let her grab it again. This is very fun, like talking, only with a hand and paws.

january 5

      Ah, a New Year. I'm happy to see 2019 go somehow, 2020 is already showing a more direct or feisty personality. Some people, of course, are trying to take advantage of this, but it's a two way street, meaning what goes around comes around, only more quickly. New moon and an eclipse, all I tend to feel from this type of event is that human life is way bigger than we're allowed to believe it is here in America. But I have a feeling this is about to change, see below. A lot of rain this week, and still on the warm side, Lily got to go out a significant amount and this translated into a more mellow kitty in the middle of the night. I'd love to know more about the cat personality and evolution process. I mean, a book like Journey of Souls by Micheal Newton gives a great overview of the human process, but what about cats? I want to know how Lily got to be so spunky. I know she was a mountain lion before, she sent me this image when she first arrived, and confirmed it through the animal communicator I worked with when she cut her tongue. And she certainly loves to jump across any chasm she can find. Does this experience have a bearing? Where do other cats come from, are there several tracks from wild cats to domestic cats? Is this how cats acquire their intense moral authority? Or is it because they are not materialists, do not lie, cheat, or steal? Questions proliferate. A peaceful week overall, seem to be done processing leftover experience from the past, at least for now. This has been such a feature of the last decade,can't believe it might be over. A lot of information is coming to me about water that is new science, kind of picking up where the Masuru Emoto stuff leaves off, using this information more actively. I can't seem to process it right now, but it could also be that it hasn't finished arriving. This year is going to be about water somehow, I feel that but don't know how it will manifest yet. Began to make drawings again, went back to the original simplified geometric armature of over a decade ago, wondering if the issue to address from this last round of work is too much specificity, too soon. I got involved in certainty later in the process in 2019, even in the drawings, but the pendulum wants to swing the other way again. How to build in more options for developing the image in stages. So, will explore a new way of making the drawings first.


      I did one of those personality type tests long ago, and I'm pretty solidly the Researcher. Big surprise! One thing about the internet is that, with a little perspicuity, you can find out a lot about the various things that have been, um, swept under the cultural carpet. So, for some time now, I've been waiting for several things to come to light, to be collectively accepted instead of marginalized with a sigh of relief. This feeling of something being carefully hidden from view began a long time ago, so I've been experiencing it most of my life as a kind of background anxiety, a sense that something is fundamentally wrong. Like, I'm trying not to live a lie, but I'm living in a lie, and at what point does that amount to the same thing? In the last few years this feeling has both increased on the one hand, as there seems to be so much under the carpet that the carpet really can't conceal it very well anymore, and decreased on the other, because I've realized that this particular frame of reference doesn't matter that much, that I can distance myself effectively from the lie, and don't pay that much attention to its endless machinations anymore. In an infinite universe, we all have an umbilical cord home, and are each, at least potentially, our own frame of reference. So, I'm comfortable with that, the innerverse goes on and on, and teaches me more all the time. Regarding the outerverse, well, that carpet is getting pretty lumpy, isn't it? It feels like 2020 is going to be a year when what's under the carpet is going to emerge more, and even, belatedly, begin to take center stage. There will be the usual attempted distractions, the big one of course being the threat of an inevitable war, a war that must be fought to save democracy, the weapon of last resort for the old way. Of course, those who destroy the village in order to save it have a habit of attracting the same thing, and that too will be on display. Overall, a long-overdue process of disclosure will begin. Americans are going to be given an opportunity to see their culture more clearly through events that expose its hidden mechanisms, the same way Toto pulled back the curtain and exposed the Wizard as a lost vaudevillian. What begins to happen will actually be substantive change, the materialist blinders coming off, the introduction of a larger frame of reference for human life on earth. This is going to be polarizing. It will seem amazing and miraculous to some people, and like the sky is falling daily to other people. But it will simply be reality beginning to take the place of illusion. There has been so much illusion in place, and for so long, that this process has to go slowly, but the mechanism of the illusion -- being able to keep things in the dark, starting fires and calling it climate change, telling half the truth to promote a lie, trapping people on the surface of life with semi-poisoned food, air, water, and airwaves containing a smorgasbord of pseudo-cultural distractions -- is going to get harder and harder to implement effectively in the next few years. Onward and onward, deeper into the photon belt hurtled the plucky planet and its reluctant cargo of humans, destined to grow up whether they like it or not.


      People are most often interested in new materials, as in, what can I add that will transform the paint into something magical? Proportion, in contrast, gets sort of marginalized. It doesn't have the basic sizzle of eye of newt. Eye of newt! Aren't YOU daring! Well, I did a lot with eye of newt long ago, many different versions of it, and it never solved really anything. This is not to say that YOU won't come across an eye of newt variety that I missed, and leap into stardom overnight, mua-ha-ha. But if, gentle reader, your technical awareness of the materials makes the fulminating alembic gently amusing, I would like to introduce you to my great friend, proportion, and how it operates in a system.
      Late last Spring, and into the Fall, I made a series of small bright paintings, the continuation,with a large rest, of a style from 2006 and 2007. This series was all made with a type of putty medium that was designed to be saturating, and dry with a gloss. But the system was on an absorbent ground, and also used a related, but much less saturated, couch put on very thinly at first. So, this moderated saturation and gloss to some extent. And, over time, I began to make the medium more lean in some pretty small increments. This process diminished gloss, but increased brightness. So, the proportions of the ingredients in the medium became focal to how the paint looked, but also to how the entire system most naturally operated. Let's look at three examples, from early, middle, and late in the process.


      This one was made in July,and was relatively saturated, drying with a gloss. For most of the fall I felt like it had darkened somewhat. I put it in the light, and that helped a little, but there was still a hint of dinge. The interesting thing is that it's been in a pretty low humidity climate now for three months, and, though some of the overpaint has definitely dried with less intensity, I don't really see the dinge anymore right now. But that doesn't mean it won't come back during the summer! At first I felt that this one was too simple, but now I like that quality, there's something playful and serene happening at once.


      This one is from late September, almost exactly two months later. So, this one escaped exposure to too much humidity over the summer, but it was also made with a somewhat leaner medium, and has not dried down. It was a little more vivid when the paint was wet, but not much. The paint is still saturated, but there's not that much overt gloss to it. I've always liked this one, but would like to do a version of it that is somehow simpler.


      This is the one from early December where I made the medium a little leaner still. I don't like what happened with the painting itself, to an extent these need to have an element of filling in the blanks, but this one had too much specificity, too soon, it became locked and never transformed. But the colour has dried in a way that is really bright for an oil painting. Maybe too bright, but that is also be a function of the colours themselves,they didn't get particularly refined. So I want to try something next that's in the middle between the look of this one, and the look of the one above. Just talking about the way the paint looks here, not the actual colours or the composition. Who knows what wants to happen there.

december 29

      Very mild week with lots of sun. Week of the new moon, a relatively quiet one so far. The week between Christmas and the new year is always kind of quiet, a pause before things begin again. Last week I started work on a book I've wanted to write for a while, a version of Living Craft that is less specialized, more of a mass market book that could go on Amazon. But this turned out to be kind of a cosmic trick. What I was really supposed to do was learn to edit the existing book more thoroughly. The more I care about a section, really want to explain something clearly, the more it seems to become ornate over time. Maybe this comes from teaching, where it worked to learn to say the same thing several different ways for different students. But the book needs to be a road that the reader wants to travel on because it's so smooth and effortless. So, while I've continued to add new information all year for another edition, probably in 2021 at this point, I'm back into the book on a more basic level now, working to say complex things as simply as possible. This is interesting up to a point, I can do it between two and four hours a day. Sometimes I get lucky and just see what the issue is for a given paragraph: cut this and this, move this here, change the verb tense, remove another pesky adverb, done. And this is fun, four or five strong and clear sentences in a row have a lot of oomph. But sometimes there's a snag, in spite of editing, it still feels unfocused. In that case I move on, but put the text in red so I'll know to come back. This approach works the same way that leaving a painting for a while refreshes how it looks. Still no painting for now, logical given the time of year but still a little bit trying. There's always room to develop more patience. Every now and then I get an inkling. Something is gestating, opposites are interacting, but it's very slow. I wonder if things might begin again in February, after my birthday at the end of January, a personal new beginning.


      I keep coming back to infinity defining unity. That an infinite universe has to be one being. Which means that it's all a fractal, right down to the particles themselves. And that humanity is one being. This means that humanity is also one thought, and that what we experience in the physical is a direct result of our thoughts. This means that the only difference between what is "real," and what is "imaginary," is that the real has manifested, but that the imaginary has not manifested yet. And you may have noticed that, personally, it's getting easier and easier to manifest things. Maybe not arbitrary things, or materialist things, but meaningful things, definitely. Collectively, as more people become focused on wanting the imaginary to manifest, the more likely it is to become real. The limits to this are simply what people consider reasonable to hope for. So, if you want to control a species with infinite creative potential, the first thing you do is limit what they are willing to imagine. You marginalize magic, and replace it with getting and spending. Conversely, if you want to free a species so that it can fulfill its creative potential, you demonstrate that there are no limits on hope, no limits to what the collective imagination can achieve in terms of creating a new reality.


      I knew that aged and preheated oil absorbed more pigment than oil that was new or raw, but I wanted to know more about how much. Four oil samples, 1 and 2 were fairly new, 3 was from 2011, and 4 was from 2012, and preheated an hour to 100C. For 1 volume of oil, samples 1 and 2 absorbed 3.25 times the volume of pigment. Sample 3 absorbed 3.75 times the volume of pigment. And sample 4 absorbed 4.5 times the volume of pigment. They would all absorb a little more if you let them sit overnight, then ground them again the next day. So, aged and preheated oil absorbed about 25% more pigment than the new or raw oils. This means that for the same volume of oil, it is leaner, therefore less likely to yellow. Being aged and pre-heated also makes it more stable, and faster drying. So, when the National Gallery book on Rembrandt says he made the later paintings with chalk, pigment, and oil, I think it may well have been an aged oil. This is what it looked like, anyway, in the later paintings at the Met. Only relevant if you're interested in doing a lot with a simple system, or in uncovering the many aspects of the craft that are excluded from the possibilities by the formulation of commercial paint.


      A larger amount of paint made from aged oil -- just aged, not preheated as well -- this is orange ochre. Without preheating, there's no increase in density, so you get a very plastic and elastic paint that is quite expressive. At first it looks like this could absorb more oil, but look more closely at how articulate the shapes are that the paint is holding. This paint naturally makes very controlled, sculptural detail. But, it will never be in the Dick Blick catalogue, alas, and so, will never catch on.


      At one point there was a nice linseed oil soap called Ugly Dog, but the product rights were purchased by a larger company and now isn't made with just linseed oil, contains "natural cleansers" as well, whatever those are. I got enthused about making linseed oil soap a few years ago after making a small test batch that worked out well for cleaning brushes. Then made a big batch but couldn't get it to the final stage. I kept it, a few of the jars turned dark and clear on top, but only for about an inch or so. It turns out my brand of KOH is only 90%, not 100%, so this threw the calculations off. So, this week added a little more KOH solution and, lo and behold, it turned into soap. Hundreds of dollars worth of soap, in fact. Then got enthused again and made a batch of olive oil soap, which saponified more quickly than linseed. Made some liquid soap with a mix of the olive oil and linseed soaps, this is pretty good but I want to try a coconut-olive oil one next for a more sudsy version. There's a lot of information about making soap online, with a crockpot and an immersion blender it's really easy, just be very careful with the lye that you use, it is a serious alkali and can cause burns.

dec 8 2020

      It's Lily's fifth anniversary! She arrived under the porch the first week of December in 2015. I always liked cats, but, actually "owning" one -- an absurd, but oh so human concept -- never happened. This is the first picture I took of her. Me: Um, well, here we are. Lily: Ha-ha! You're mine now!


      I found out quickly that Lily loves to play.


      A couple of summers ago. She was watching the rain out the window, turned around when there was a thunder crash in the other direction.


       Two winters ago. One of those rare ones with a glimpse of the inner Lily. Boy would I like to know what she knows!


      The most recent test panel. Started this one in the summer, so it's been through a lot of humidity. With a little forethought about how they're set up, these can provide an incredible amount of information about the aging of the medium.




Where's Lily?
Hmm! I don't know, she was just here a second ago.
Oh my gosh, did you see that?
In the sky, oh, there it is again. Is that a bird, or a plane?
It's Wondercat!
Oh, Wondercat! Yea!
It's so exciting to see a real superhero.
Yeah, it makes me feel better just knowing Wondercat is around.
You know, we see Wondercat pretty often, actually.
Huh? What do you mean? You don't think Wondercat lives around here, do you? Wow!
I don't know, I guess even a cat with claws of steel has to have a home.
Ha-ha, maybe Wondercat lives right on our block!
Ha-ha! Wouldn't that be great?
Well, we'll find out what Wondercat's been up to tonight on the news.
Probably saving the world from some dastardly villain again.
Yes, probably. Whew! It's so great to know there's an incorruptible force for good in the world!
You said it! Oh, there's Lily! She must have gone out through the cat door.
Hi Lily! Hey, she looks pretty pleased about something!
Lily, did you catch a mouse?
Hmm, I don't think so, she's headed right for her bowl. That's funny, I just fed her but now she's hungry again. How does that cat burn up all that energy?


      The toad lily is in bloom in the backyard, you don't often get elegant and playful in the same flower in this hemisphere.


      Lily on the porch roof on one of the cool afternoons early this week. She was checking out the downspout thoroughly to see if anybody might be in there, but looked up when I leaned out the window with the camera. I got a pound of rose quartz a while back and put it in the bedroom on either side of the pillow. She's discovered this and often takes a nap right next to it.

The Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

      "There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.

      The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever."

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